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  1. I am a... *weird creature (Shallan) whispers stick*
  2. That is false, I am a horrible artist TPBM's favourite author is Brandon Sanderson.
  3. This is going to get confusing with 2 users named "Truthless of Shinover" and "Toothless of Shinover" posting on this thread.
  4. Yeah, I have not done any percentages that does not have a 5 or 10.
  5. That is interesting, I never knew that.
  6. I am amazed by the fact that @Vargo Seldon who started this thread has not been active at all on the forum since July 2019.
  7. Yeah every day I come back to this thread and there are at least 3 pages I have missed.
  8. If you go here: and move the sliders to what is most similar to you than you will be told percentages of different orders of what you are. (Or where ever you put the sliders).
  9. It is also fun to win.
  10. I sometimes do long posts and I always feel guilty for the people that read my whole post and find it boring and time-wasting to read.
  11. Can you please give a description of the story?
  12. sounds interesting.
  13. I do not like it when I think I am replying to the most recent comment but when I post my comment I realize that I am too late and that I actually posted like a whole page late. Who agrees?
  14. ...
  15. I do not think it will go on forever. I think it will stop when the site stops or the internet no longer becomes available or it will stop when humanity stops. (and of course, I would not want any of this to happen.)