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  1. If only a professional artist stumbled into this thread. They'd have a field day.
  2. My question is how fast would a zinc compounder have to think in order to match Steris?
  3. I think a good portion of Book 4 is going to have to deal with the fallout from Dalinar's Memoir. What do you think the implications are going to be regarding the Kholin family? As far as we know, both Adolin and Renarin only know the public version of what happened at the Rift. Once the memoir goes out, they're going to find out how their mother really died. Both boys idealize their father, Adolin in particular. I can't imagine this is going to go over well. Where do you think this knowledge is going to take the Kholin boys in their individual stories? Second is, how is the Ardentia is going to react to the Memoir? Personally, I think the Ardentia would try for a power play with or without the Memoir, but now they have an excuse. The foreshadowing about the Hierocracy was about as subtle as a sledgehammer by book 3. But Dalinar's memoir itself - being written by Dalinar's own hand - is a direct defiance to Vorin culture and it's a serious threat to the subtle power structure the Ardentia has maintained. So I think that the Ardentia is going to start making some drastic moves, and Kadash is going to be stuck in the middle of it all. In Book 4, I predict that Kadash is going to become one of the more realmatically aware characters in the story, and he's going be responsible for finding out who (or what) is pulling the strings within the Ardentia. He may even end up being Radiant or at least a squire to one by the end. A part of me would really like to see how a direct confrontation between Kadash and the Nightwatcher would turn out, though I can see him attracting an Inkspren too. Thoughts?
  4. I'm not sure about Warbreaker because I haven't listened to the audiobook version of that yet. However most of Nightblood's lines in the Stormlight books are read by Michael Kramer. I'd say he gives Nightblood a baritone nobleman voice. Sort of like an enthusiastic butler. As far as Alyssa Bresnahan's voice for him in Warbreaker, I'm not sure. I'll listen to that one soon, but maybe someone else can answer that. I'm biased because I read Nightblood with HK-47's voice, so I just felt like Michael Kramer's Nightblood just didn't fit the character. I can see pretty much every voice that people have mentioned so far fitting better. On a sidenote, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thought of a star wars droid as a comparison lol.
  5. Kaladin's a rushdown character, and Jasnah's a zoning character. So all he needs to do to win is have patience and good footsies, walk her into the corner and hit her with a bunch of mixups.
  6. I was just curious to know what kind of voicing you gave Nightblood as you read his dialog in Warbreaker and his appearances in Stormlight Archive. Almost immediately for me, the voice that came to me was Kristoffer Tabori's HK-47 from Knight of the Old Republic. IMO, Nightblood as a character was comically detached and had a naive bloodthirsty worldview that only a soulless construct could have. So that filtered, morbidly cheery sound from HK-47 is what really fit for me. Naturally, I was a little thrown off when I heard Michael Kramer's rendition of Nightblood's voice in the Stormlight audiobooks, but that isn't his fault. So I'm curious what other readers think. Who or what was your muse when imagining Nightblood's voice? Who do you think would fit as a voice actor should there ever be a film adaptation?
  7. I have a thought of which direction Venli's story is going to progress. I think she's going to start spending a lot of time in Shadesmar. As of this point in the story, the Radiants have a bit of a problem in regards to the spren. Most spren still don't trust the Radiants since the Recreance. Some even outright hate them like Spark. For the Radiant orders to grow however, a lot more spren will have to come around. So I think Venli and Timbre are in a position to become sort of Spren Ambassadors. She is a compelling orator, and is already working through her own prejudices and history regarding humans, which is something she has in common with the spren. And as a Willshaper, she can also pass freely into Shadesmar without a perpendicularity. I initially thought she might have kind of an undercover role in Marat because of what's going on in her gemheart. While I can see that happening for a little while, Venli doesn't seem cut out for the spy stuff to me. So I think her arc will eventually involve her getting "found out" by the Fused, and then she'll escape by slipping into Shadesmar. I think she'll start by convincing Timbre that there's something different about Dalanar and his Post-Honor Radiants, and then it'll go from there.