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  1. Someone make fanart of this right now.
  2. If Kelsier shows up in SA I'm going to throw a party. In seriousness though, I imagine at least one of our protagonists (hoping Kaladin) will become a worldhopper/more cosmere aware. Likely thanks to Hoid. I've always felt that SA was sort of the "main" series, but I guess that can't be accurate considering the amount of books that still have to be written (20/38 by my estimation). I'm not sure why there would be a 15 year gap in the series. Possibly the first half will end badly, and recovering/having new heroes will take that long? Maybe everything will be solved and then problems from another world will show up? I dunno. Odium seems to be the main cosmere villain, so I can't see him actually being defeated. Maybe he gets banned from the system, though from my understanding travel in and out of the Rosharan system is very difficult.
  3. I don't think that last one would work, don't they say that physically moving them is ineffective? I assume they're tied to their location in the physical realm or something.
  4. Replying to an old point; you technically could allomantically affect a shardblade, because they're god metals. However, they're very heavily invested, so duralumin would likely be required.
  5. "Houtini" means look over here. I'm not sure why I know this.
  6. This was sort of addressed, but Nightblood doesn't kill spren the same way he kills people. He just destroys people in all three realms. But spren are sentient investiture, so he drains them in the same way it drains people. Thusly, you can permanently destroy a fused with Nightblood, but you may have to stick it in them for a while. This is also part of the reason Nightblood is so heavily invested, as it keeps most of the investiture it drains. He also is slowly reducing the total investiture in the cosmere. You might know that.
  7. Yeah, the OP or whoever can edit the title should probably add that. Anyway, my favorite scene was- Minor OB Spoilers
  8. Granted, but I'll never upvote anything you write again. I wish for the willpower to do anything!
  9. Uh, I thought there was a max HP of 10, but Dalinar appears to be at 11. Whatever, he's awesome enough. Hurt Megan, heal Elend Nightwielder - 6 Conflux - 10 Firefight- 6 Megan - 8 David - 10 Mizzy - 10 Elend - 11 God King - 10 Gavilar - 10 Dalinar - 11 Elhokar - 10 Sebarial - 9 Raoden - 7 Eventeo - 2
  10. Oh. I knew that. Thanks
  11. I shall look for it. I was thinking of the idea for an Inquisitor choir with TLR singing in a bored tone on his throne. Although, You're Welcome could work, with him talking about saving everyone from Ruin. I may write that.
  12. I really want to write a Lord Ruler villain song, but I can't figure out what tune to use. Any ideas that would work with a choir and a lead? Be Prepared would work for something, but not this.
  13. Let's see.... Hoid is great. Waxillium Ladrium is too, and Wax and Wayne are a great pair. The simpler ones- Vin has been mentioned- are good. Stormlight Archive has a lot of great traditional fantasy names, Elokhar and Kaladin for example. Sixth of the Dusk is weird and unique.
  14. Excellent quiz! VEry enjoyable, and the questions were worded very well. 44% Willshaper 39% Skybreaker 29% Elsecaller, Lightweaver, Dustbringer *Low numbers for everything else* Yay, the coolest orders are my top ones! Willshapers have transportation, which apparently lets you go into Shadesmar physically easily. So, presumably not requiring perpendicularites and good at Worldhopping/general stuff. They also have the Surge of Strong Axial Interconnection, which is confusing and vague.
  15. This is sooooo cheating, but someone wrote a piano piece specifically for the Shallan/Kaladin chasm scene in WoR. And it's amazing, especially with the art that's on it. Here, listen: