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  1. Brandon's NYCC schedule is out looks like no scheduled signing
  2. The issue with this is, if you're including the "T" from tWoK, you'll probably have to include the "A" from Wisdom and Truth. "Knights of" is a solid start, but personally I feel we already had an in world book about the radiants, so I'm hoping for something else. Maybe "Knowledge of" as the begin... "Knowledge of War Time" - an in world military treatise "Knowledge Obtained While Travelling" - an in world philosophical work, written by Shauka-daughter-Hasweth preferably =) "Knowledge of Whimsical Turtles" - an in world zoological survey of Santhids
  3. Dang, so close.... to nailing the title
  4. Speaking of title, we only have one more day to guess what it is: Based on the picks and processing done by @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine we can make some decent guesses I am currently leaning towards:
  5. yup, but considering allomancy and rosharan surgebinding, its not too hard to imaging some means of investiture providing the lateral force required to produce the geostationary-ness (geostationality???) as for the spore falls providing propulsion, that would be the wrong vector. I think the more interesting interaction is how do the moons all stay equidistance. do they sense each other? is something controlling/positioning them all?
  6. Confirmed in the live stream (they are working on the scientific justification for the non-equatorial geostationary orbit). Also from the live stream, someone from the planet has tried to go to the moons, but tress doesn't know about that. Each moon has different coloured spores
  7. In our solar system the largest moon relative to it's planet is our moon (by a large margin) at roughly 27% the diameter of earth. If we stretch the definition of moon and planet we would come to charon and pluto where the ratio is about 50%, now we're talking about something that can take up 1/3 the night sky. However even at that size if all 12 moons were located around the equator to make them naturally occurring geostationary orbits at the low orbit required to fill up the sky you wouldn't be able to see any of them from the poles. So I found an equation to find the coordinates of roughly equally spaced n-points. I plotted the results for 12 points. It looks much more like you would imagine from the statement "you can always see one of the 12 moons no matter where you travel. Therefore I am concluding that we have 12 geostationary moons that scattered roughly equidistance from each other around the planet, and they are using investiture to maintain their relative positions. I haven't decided if spiritual mumbo-jumbo is required for them to maintain their spacing, of this is achieved through the use of a simple constant adjustment to their natural orbits to stay geostationary. Maybe they used spiritual mumbo-jumbo to get in position but now don't need it.
  9. made it to the news: (article says basically nothing, but there is no bad publicitty)
  10. 2nd most Funded, that is total dollars, the most backed list is number of people who backed
  11. Seems like the only question left is: "Will the kickstarter pass the Veronica Mars movie for #4 most backed of all time"
  12. RE: Geometry/Geography of the 12 Moons Hoid says the moons are geosynchronous but clarifies that "In other words, they never move". So he means to say a geostationary orbit, which is either natural equatorial geosynchronous orbits or a geosynchronous orbit at some other latitude that is not just using gravitation but is using some continuous external force to maintain. Hoid claims you can always see one of the 12 moons no matter where you travel Hoid claims the moons are so low they take up one third of your field of vision. Will do some math to try and figure if this is close to litteral
  13. RE: Hoid's Audience: Hoid says "The locals worshipped those twelve moons as gods, which we can all agree is far more ridiculous than whatever it is you worship." This tells us something about the audience's religion, I'm just not sure what it is. Does this mean Hoid doesn't understand the audience's gods? Or is he mocking them with "while your gods are beneath my interest, worshipping these moons is even stupider"? There is something here I just don't know what.
  14. @Draginon well at the 7:01 to about 7:18 on the original live stream vid Dragonsteele discuss just this fact.....