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  1. I think the SkyBreakers swapped out Taln's honour blade, i outlined my reasoning in this other I had discounted the Stone Shaman because I thought it would be too hard for them to infiltrate the guard and make the switch. I had forgot about the transportation blades which @Calderis correctly pointed out was a flaw in my theory. However after some thought I stand by my original theory. If transportation worked as easy as we might imagine the Shamen would have retrieved Jezrien's blade long ago (I dont agree that they have been sent into a state of panic after WoR and haven't bothered to get it, they've been around for over 4000 years. If one thing can be that central to their philosophy after so much time as to shatter them completely, it would be that they are the guardians of the honour blades, not that the voidbringers are gone for good) Regarding the more recent posts in this thread: If Nale wanted Gavilar dead he would just kill him himself, Gavilar clearly was a usurper to the Kholin princedom and I'm sure committed many crimes along the way. If being paid to deliver a bottle of poison wine while being told it wont actually kill the target constitutes murder in Nale's mind, I'm sure he could think of something for a guy that sleezed his way to the top and plans to return the voidbringers and start a desolation.
  2. The blade that arrives at the Shattered plains is an unknown blade that someone had in hiding. We know this for a fact because in the Taln interlude of WoR Elokhar mentions there was no record of the blade. Whomever stole the blade must have had: access to secret shards wide reaching power and influence most likely greater Cosmere or at least Realmatic awareness the ability to be on hand at the time of Taln's arrival or the means to get there in short order after getting word of the honour blades appearance the motivation to go through the trouble of acquiring the honour blade must have had the means to find out about the appearance of the honour blade in the first place. Candidate groups (TLDR: the Skybreakers did it) Odium's Forces would want an Honour blade as they show by demanding Jezrien's from Mr. T, but we have no evidence that Odium had consolidated his power or organization enough to make a physical realm play of this kind at the end of tWoK's. Also the close proximity of Hoid to this blade makes it unlikely that Odium was involved without a level of fireworks that would demand screentime Sons of Honour Amaram just finds out about the madman/shard blade at the Shattered Plains and we know he has spanreed contact with Restares at the least, so it's unlikely the SoH are involved Ghostbloods as with the SoH, they only begin their investigation at the Shattered Plains via Shallan Stone Shamen hard for the Shin to infiltrate this far East, they are very conspicuous and would be spotted The Diagram I don't think they are far reaching enough to have found out about Taln's arrival at Kholinar before the SoH or Ghostbloods. It's one thing to have Makabaki information mongerson your payroll or have some ardents you used to own/amongst your members reassigned to other kingdoms to make their "revelations" seem independant of your agenda, but the infiltration of the Kholinar city watch seems too much for the diagram. I'm not sure how they got an Alethi shardbearer on their side but it is obvious why they would want to recruit him or shard him up and have him infiltrate the war camps. Randomly setting agents in the guard brigades of distant cities that are becoming more irrelevant by the day seems like a waste of resources. Perhaps the Diagram predicted the Heralds will return at Kholinar and they set their agents for this eventuality. The brazen way Graves recruits randos, and his clumsy assassination attempts make me think the Diagramists are not the most disciplined organization. I find it hard to believe they would be able to keep a long standing objective/active mission like watching the Kholinar gates for returning Heralds a secret from the Ghostbloods who are clearly watching them (and dismissing them because they are clowns not simply because they underestimate Mr. T) 17th Shard like Odium's forces the proximity of Hoid whom they are actively trying to locate make it unlikely that they were involved. Brandon does make it clear that Hoid didn't take the blade, but refuses to rule out that Hoid Knows who took it. This could mean that the 17th Shard almost unwittingly stumbled onto Hoid as they chased an unrelated objective of capturing this honour blade, and Hoid simply eluded them using life sense or some other skill, thereby not taking the blade but knowing who has it. I think this is unlikely and a little too convoluted. As of yet unseen/off world Force - (Ire, Nalthian customs agents, the Daughters of Cultivation, some new religious zealots from yet another Kelsierian church) always a possibility but with no evidence hard to include in your reasoning, not reasonably worth discussing The Skybreakers (my bet as the thieves) access to replacement Shardblade they probably don't mind giving up? Check. Intimate knowledge of what to watch for and where? Check. Constantly on the lookout for causes/harbingers of the next desolation? Check. Ease of travel and access at the highest level to Alethkar? Check (Nale's invitation to prologue and they can all fly). Would Hoid stand aside and let such an important artifact fall into their hands? I think so, I doubt even Hoid could predict the Skybreakers would swear for Odium. He probably would have thought it was safe for the Skybreakers to hang on to the honour blade, and would have went along with (turn a blind eye more than actually facilitate) their recovery efforts.
  3. I'm a huge Adolin fan but he must be dying before the start of the second arc. He is a beloved, world renowned shardbearer, duelist, warrior and third in line to the Alethi thrown (even if he doesn't want it). It appears as though he will be the first person in history to revive a dead shardblade and become an Edgedance, perhaps even Mistress Lift's first ever padawan. He is married to one of the original radiants of this generation. When he learns the truth about the Rift he will struggle with how he idolizes his father and his wish to have been able to fight along side the true Black Thorn. There's only 2 ways this guy doesn't get his own POV book in the second half. He's off somewhere being awesome when the shared prologue scene takes place so he can't get his own book He's dead 1. isn't very likely so this only leaves 2. I know dead characters can have their own books but far more dead characters don't get their own books.
  4. Brandon proves yet again to have thought of everything! The answer is right in the text of Oathbringer courtesy of Lift: Crazyface
  5. The important thing to take away is: "Nothing Brandon writes is meaningless"
  6. Dalinar's first meeting with Lift L: Don't trust him, he has too nice a should have an old flabby butt, then I'd trust you. G: She...has a thing about butts
  7. Audible says they will add to my library in 3 hours (about 2am EST) I was expecting midnight, what time are you guys seeing? Edit: Customer service said they use PST, doesn't matter where you are!!!!!!! what am I going to do for 2 hours... Edit2: 3:07 am, still no audiobook....i am loosing my mind.
  8. Now that you mention it this does sound familiar, i guess the fish go too? Based on the view of their culture we got during the Ishikk interlude, i doubt the Purelakers have much of a mind to reach out and get involved in Wolrdwide politics. And based on the way Dalinar describes Azish attitudes towards his idea of going to see the Purelake ("why would you want to go there? there is nothing of interest"), i doubt others are really interested in their opinions either. I think any news will come from other sources as something they heard by word of mouth.
  9. Urithiru and Thaylen City marked for the first time... and a couple others Yeddaw, Berizhet, Zawfix, Klna and Revolar. We've seen Yeddaw, maybe Kaladin will cruise by Revolar, maybe we'll just hear about some of these places!
  10. good point, It could be that the Purelake is so west that the storms aren't that damaging, but considering that people in Tashikk still hide from high storms, it's probably not this. Maybe because its just water high storms are safer, no boulders, rocks and debris to get tossed about. If that's the case, the Everstorm might not even be that bad on the Purelake. They could just be going about their lives at their slow Laker pace wondering why the rest of Roshar is freaking out so much. About the Plague, I believe there is a WoB about how people on Roshar are generally healthier than people on Earth, and even getting a cold (as they are now) is very disturbing to them. I don't think we have any info about if the colds are killing people or not.
  11. Anyone else wondering what Ishikk and the Purelakers think Vun Makak is upto with this weird new storm? I'm really hoping we get an interlude at the Purelake.
  12. great idea, sorry i dont have time to respond, but have a cookie
  13. We see Jasnah create a floating raft, and why couldn't an astral projection of your mind fly if you knew it could. This may be a bit like Kaladin's slave brands. He stills sees them as a part of him so the stormlight doesn't heal them, If part of you was the ability to fly then what in the CR would stop you.
  14. You got to put what the Kickstarter says but it looks like Sazed to me, dude is bald...
  15. Land on Roshar is Sea in Shadesmare and vice versa. It is possible that there is something about Urithiru that attracts spren or makes them more willing to appear there, but I don't think it lines up with Silverlight or any other CR spren city/village. Unless...... Spren live in floating cities like Cloud City or New Genesis!