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  1. Those are now down for me, too. He needs to host the files somewhere more permanent, it seems, as the files have been deleted on the hosting website.
  2. Well, it's not impossible to make 'down' perpendicular to each side of the planet. Everything with mass creates a gravitic pull on everything else. You are drawing Earth toward yourself, but the planet has so much more mass that when you jump you create a gravitic pull on it so minuscule in comparison to its pull on you that its unnoticeable. And some parts of your body are more dense than others, which parts create more spacetime distortion than the less dense parts. In this cube world, if you had a gradual increase of density of mass toward the edges and corners just right, it would do exactly what you envisioned. Imagine an ocean covering one of the corners. That would be a bumpy boat ride. I'm not sure that the moon would make water rush around dramatically, at least not in comparison to our world's oceans, with the same moon at the same distance. If the planet's density increased at the corners, those corners, while closer to the moon at times, would still have more mass fighting for the lead position in gravity. Sure, there would be an effect, but I think it would average out to much like oceans on Earth. If you threw a ball over the edge of the world, the forward momentum would push the ball effectively 'up' from the perspective of the new current side, stealing much of the 'forward' momentum, shifting of gravity would cause it to arc, and the ball would take a steep curve down to the ground.
  3. C'mon gon, I've got a cousin who's real good at coming up with problems, real good ones, like this: Problem: I'm my own grandpa...
  4. Eat them. They're delicious.
  5. Hmm. I think you're on to something here. Not sure what it all means, but definitely on to somehting.
  6. Nice work! If only I had a chess board.
  7. Inform them you are now the Highprince of War and they have a plateau run at 1800 hours sharp. Force them to wear uniforms if they don't shape up and try to duel any stragglers for their fancy dice. Problem: Blue screen of death.
  8. Brand new sprenmoticon! Let's all welcome the Creation spren:
  9. I'd love to see SPOILER, but it might upset people who haven't read the book yet when they see SPOILER SPOILERING the SPOILER... Oh well. Actually, has anyone drawn Eshonai in shardplate yet? Her armor is described as looking more in line with her species. Probably because it adapts to whomever wears it.
  10. Pfft, obviously the Reckoner's series. It's cosmere, you know.
  11. So, let's see, would anyone prefer more emoticons in the same style of art, or should I try a new style? I guess I can try both and see what works best. Any ideas for new emotes? I also updated the first original post with instructions for use.
  12. You just broke the world. :'(
  13. Calamity was an awesome "read". I enjoyed the voice talent of the audio book. Great series! (Even if it isn't cosmere...)

  14. So cool!