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  1. From the album Stormlight Paintings

    I realized I had never posted this here! Keep an eye out for this volume 2 of TWOK leatherbound
  2. Yoo this is fantastic!! really cinematic!
  3. Thank you!
  4. From the album SA doodles

  5. From the album Shallan

    one of these days I'll figure out the proper way to upload art on here Hadn't done any illustrations for the first two books of SA so I had to change that! I always loved the illustration of the Santhid in WoR so I wanted to try my hand at it too.
  6. From the album Parshendi

    Some more Stormlight Archive art, but this time of Venli! It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn her so I needed to fix that!
  7. From the album Windrunner

    Started rereading The Stormlight Archive again recently and took the time to draw Kaladin (falling but with style!) Also on twitter!
  8. From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Thank you!! Your parshendi piece (and your other work) is AMAZING by the way, I was admiring all the detail you put into it! Incredible work!
  10. From the album SA doodles

  11. From the album SA doodles

  12. Hey everyone!! I've been around for awhile, but I've mostly just been lurking until recently! So hey! I got into the cosmere probably back in early 2014 or so, thanks to some blessed soul who recommended I check out Mistborn! I remember finishing up Words of Radiance about a week after it came out (nice timing on my part haha) and by now I believe I've read everything Sanderson has to offer, minus the Alcatraz and Rithmatist books I believe. I'm not much of a theorist (I usually sit and wonder how the heck some of you people come up with such great theories) but I do draw so you'll probably see a few more art contributions from me in the future! Definitely wish I had known about this place earlier before though, it was a long wait alone being the only cosmere fan I knew until I managed to drag a couple other friends into the cosmere last year! Can't honestly say who my favorite character is.....there's too many
  13. Oh goodness, now there's a pun...and a pretty good one too!! Welcome! I'm like you too where I only just recently climbed down from the lurker tree on here too!