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  1. Thanks for the advice! I called the bookstore and after being transferred and spending some time on hold while they deliberated, they said it was okay to use the parent/teen option for other relationships wherein you wanted two tickets but only one book.
  2. I might be coming! Realized we're flying in to visit my girlfriend's family that day so it seemed too cool a chance to miss, as I started her on Sanderson books a couple months ago. If I do come ill be a touch late though, have to get from midway to there during what I assume is a not fun rush hour. Does anyone who's gone to events at this location before know if we'll need to buy two separate tickets? Or could we squeak through on a parent & teen ticket if we only want the one copy?
  3. I'm rather convinced that I'm literally never going to graduate, so. I'll be around forever. I'm not really gonna be around in May because my brother is getting married/I'm visiting home, and the end of the semester is always pretty insane so I'm not really down for stuff this month. I'm cool with kicking things off again in June though. Or July. Or August. Or whatever. Edited to add: wow it really shows that I never log into this site. Everyone else has 5-10x my rep, haha
  4. I know Brandon isn't going to be here, but is anyone else at/going to LTUE this weekend?
  5. @Slowswift and I are on the the west side of the third floor, by 3101. The area here is pretty spacious and there are a fair number of comfy looking chairs
  6. I don't think exact location has been decided. I'll PM you my number if you wanna come hang out where I am.
  7. Yeah, but occasionally I rewind because I fell asleep before the 15 minute timer turned it off. It could easily take 2,500 days to complete if I completely restricted it to bedtime listening. I'd definitely finish my undergrad (I'm partway through now) and possibly a graduate degree before finishing WOT.
  8. Hey, I started Night Angel pretty recently too. I'm on audiobook while walking to classes and such, but I am enjoying it a lot so far. Definitely darker than most of what I've read. I read what is out of the lightbringer series last semester and enjoyed those a lot, waiting for the next one not so patiently. My bedtime audiobook listening is 15 minutes of Wheel of Time though, I like something familiar when I'm trying to sleep -- it helps me calm down. It may take me a while to get through the series at that rate. We'll see how long I last before binging it at double speed all day, haha.
  9. CAHsmere is in my backpack, it gon happen. How many people have we been getting lately? Also, heck yiss about the pizza. Edited to add: I'm on the fourth floor on the south side doing homework. I'm happy to join others when they arrive if we wanna meet elsewhere, just throwing that out there.
  10. Hey, I'll probably show up this time. Am I bringing CAHsmere?
  11. Bimonthly actually means both. I was intending it as an every other week thing. I guess we could say semi monthly instead but idk bro
  12. Sorry I couldn't make it last night, I have work every Wednesday this semester. Generally speaking Tuesday is probably going to be my best day. Also, since the semester started up do we want to try bimonthly meetings again? We might have more interest now that students are in town.
  13. Who exactly was bringing pizza? By the way, there is a papa John's in the cougareat that will be open tomorrow.
  14. I'd prefer not meeting on a wednesday or a thursday. Other than that I'm gool with whatever! (The cards will be in attendance)
  15. I can do Tuesday or Wednesday, I get off work at the same time both days. For sure I'll bring CAH. Next time I leave for an extended period of time I'll make sure to entrust the cards to Kendra or Zach.
  16. Yo! I was gone spring term, but I'm back. I'll probably be at the next one. As long as it isn't on a Thursday, that is. Did y'all talk about when in July we are doing the thing?
  17. If anyone wants to come a half hour early and help me finish cutting cards, you would be my favorite.
  18. So, we are on the 3rd floor north side in a little alcove in the vicinity of 3155 and 3153
  19. 28th sounds great to me!
  20. I'm going to see a play with a friend Tuesday evening
  21. When are we thinking for this month's meetup?
  22. there is some EFY craziness happening in the courtyard, but looks like the normal meeting place is still open. We just have some background music this time... EDIT if it gets too annoying, once everyone gets here we can always just go up a floor or two and hang out there.
  23. I'm back in town, so I'll be there. Side note, any of y'all Dan wells people? His new book is coming out this week, release parties are at wellers on Monday and Orem B&N on Tuesday.
  24. I will totally be there! Probably. Assuming it isn't anywhere I actually need a car to get to. *edited to add* I might convince a few cosmere leaning friends to tag along as well
  25. I'm curious if a game of russian roulette would kill Prof