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  1. I mean this is a pretty awesome thing for Brandon and the community. Honestly I'd rather shoot myself in the kneecaps than play Fortnite again, but I will watch you guys do terrible. I like the Funhaus YT channel, so I'm used to, and actually love, ppl being terrible at games. Can't wait!
  2. Happy Birthday and New Year!

  3. Hell yea! Got me probably my second favorite misting: Seeker! Fits me perfectly.
  4. Dustbringer. Really does fit me quite well.
  5. No not a pass. The action was done. No changing it. And as I was typing, I was thinking " Ya know, it might be different in other countries" lol, so fair point.
  6. But we do take those things into consideration. Circumstances, conditions, and the feelings of the perpetrator. In a court of law especially. Crimes of passion, first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter. Premeditated, aggravated, temporary insanity. We do it all the time. Doesn't push the crime to the side, but it does alter the punishment and sentence served. My emotions for Elhokar change drastically over WoR. Had a love hate relationship with his screw ups lol. But by the end, where he gets all emotional with Kaladin when he's drunk, shifted me more towards feeling sorry for him. Dude just wants to be like his dad, basically. He just doesn't get that great people never think about being great, or being seen as great. They have great goals, and accomplish them. As for him seeing Kal surgebind in the arena; He's already thinking he's crazy because he's (possibly) seeing Lie spren, so he may have just attributed it to that at the time. Im sure he will form a relationship with Kaladin now. I would like to see him trained by Kal or one of the Bridge 4 crew. Would help him a lot.
  7. Ok, anybody who said they figured it out without this site or WoB, you need to open a PI firm right this second lol.
  8. Could be the case, but I definitely think it's too simple. Would be a real let down if the Dawnshards were just the Honorblades. I really like this idea. I guess the Listeners could be the Dawnsingers, but I would much rather it be the way you suggest. I also like the idea that the Dawnshards are giant/super-spren, and were corrupted and turned into the Unmade. I wonder if more giant/super-spren can be/have been formed again, and can become or already are new Dawnshards, allowing new Dawnsingers? Would make for a really cool arc I think.
  9. I get what you're saying. And I see how it could have less of an impact when there is tht last stand fight and they die, bit Ive just never felt that way about it. Like when I found out a certain character was still running around in the Cognitive Realm, I wasnt let down(granted, it did come after the stormlight books, so it could seem like the 3rd rez I think for the Cosmere). It didnt lessen his AWESOME last stand scene for me . Just like I wasnt let down by Jasnah being alive, and popping out of thin air. I mean we've already seen that death really isnt the end in the cosmere. Idk, maybe Im just weird, but resurrections never really bothered me as long as it fits within the story.
  10. See, I saw it as the reverse. Szeth was the true rez. I didnt believe Jasnah was dead for a second. The second her body disappeared, and her "murderers" were surprised to see it gone, I knew she was in Shadesmar. For that reason I never actually connected her return from Shadesmar as a resurrection.
  11. Ninja'd by Harry. By 9 hours... Looks like my email notification was slacking on tht one.
  12. Didn't he use it to scratch off the markings he made on the wall? Fairl certain it said tht somewhere. But the cuffs missing are definitely noticeable. Cant really blame it on the fighting, considering by the time we get Adolins POV, he says that something like a week has gone by, IIRC.
  13. Ok yeah, so we're on the same page then. Thats exactly what I think happened.
  14. That's a lot of extra work for something a regular old blade can do rather quickly after lashing someone to the ground.
  15. Does he? I thought he only went as far as saying Heleran was searching out the Skybreakers, not that he had become one of them. I personally dont believe he was a Ghostblood. At least not on the evidence provided. Its all based on the assumption that Amaram found a tattoo that there was absolutely no mention of him finding. And if he had found it, why not mention. Something as simple as "The man was a Ghostblood. Made obvious by the tattoo hidden on the inside of his lower lip..." or something like that.