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  1. It’s got to be Rlain, right?
  2. I just can’t wait for the scene of marsh trying to play a Nintendo.
  3. I for one eat terrible food and thus become constipated. Poopless of Shinovar.
  4. If Kelsier spoke to the members of his original crew in the CR when they eventually died?
  5. Kelsier asks Saze to tell him about a lot of religions during this particular book. Saze also educates Vin on religions. I find it interesting that Trell came up. (As we all know) And on this most recent read I find myself looking deeper into every other religion Saze mentions and their beliefs looking for possible cosmere clues. Is Trell the only one standing out?
  6. This discussion just makes me wonder if more shards will be splintered and split, into minor shards. And the original 16 turns to 32 people holding lesser shards. and some of the 32 eventually get shattered. And so on.
  7. Let’s not forget emotional allomancy. If the thrill can penetrate plate, I’d assume rioting and soothing, especially compounded could sway the battle in Scadrials favor.
  8. Seeing as Dalinar wasn’t bonded to a spren yet, I’d wonder if he took nightblood, what investiture it would have fed off of.
  9. So Samuel L Jackson cast a Renarin! I’ll buy that any day!
  10. Wayne’s dialogue when he finds wax at the temple.
  11. I believe the ones above are so interested in aviar because their investiture is not spiritually or cognitively bound to the source like a Spren on Roshar, etc.
  12. Wasing the not of being
  13. WindBreaker
  14. I’m a Windbreaker
  15. If a shard is getting splintered or relinquishing it’s power, why can’t another shard just pick up the shards power? I know odium doesn’t want his intent changed. But If harmony is around to say, see cultivation get shattered by odium, why can’t he take up the power? Is it a connection thing?