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  1. How could would it be if the islandshells formed a dam to dry out the Reshi sea ? Could happen every Desolation.
  2. theory

    I agree with WeiryWriter that parshendi are able to bond with Nahel spren. It was heavily implied in the interludes that Eshonai would have been a surgebinder if she hadn't taken on Stormform. There's this cometlike spren that is following her around constantly, like Syl followed Kal in the early chapters of TWoK. Addionally I think that every flashback character is gonna end up being a surgebinder - Kal, Shallan and Dalinar already are KR, Szeth has got Nightblood ( WOB says it works like a Honorblade ) and I suspect that he either ends up with his own spren or dead. The only one that's left is Eshonai who alone can just summon a little breeze and jump pretty high.. not very intimidating. Edit: Even if Stormform would grant more abilities, I think it mainly a group-thing.. to summon the Everstorm. Not a real threat to Kaladin, who convincingly wrecked Szeth with ease.
  3. George R.R Martin: Veil would probably die during a wedding and later be resurrected by a red priest Herald.
  4. Do not worry, these spren aren't catholic priests. PS: Oh man, I'm gonna get downvoted to oblivion for that. Edit: I'm sorry that I've offended some of you guys. I should have realized that some people aren't accustomed to a bit of dark humor and are taking their religion very seriously.
  5. After Sazed turning out to be the Hero of Ages I don't think we can predict this so easily. We have to go for a weird, unexpected guess.. like Lopen or Elhokar. I would love to see Kaladin as the champion of Honor, but I don't think that he will live through book 5. Hoid's story convinced me of this. Another thing I would find interesting would be just having one champion who's able to choose what side he'll be on in the end. Edit: spelling
  6. This stick sounds so pleased with himself ! I bet he's a stick politician in his little stick realm. Got into a position of power after rebelling against the tyrannic log rule. Now that they're out of the way he can oppress the poor branches to do slave labour for him .. why would he ever want to be anything else than a stick after gaining total dominance over the wood dominon ?
  7. This stick is most likely a BioChromatic Entity Type IV. Vasher probably needed a intelligent stick to scratch his back just the way he likes it.
  8. I'm going to quote myself on that. Please note that the following is highly speculative and the is not a single piece of evidence for my theory.
  9. There are 16 Shards of Adonalsium and somehow 3 of them happened to end up in the Rosharian System ( we should ask for the name of the star, it's weird to refer to a system by it's planets name ). I guess Tanavast choose Braize to play around with and Cultivation made some Parshendi on Roshar. Both ruled over their chosen planets and everything was fine until Odium, Shard of Hatred, came along and decided to do what he does the best - break stuff. So he turned Braize into something so hellish that people call it Damnation now. Tanavast flees to Roshar and makes a deal with Cultivation, he can make some humans there, but he has to protect her from Odium - the Oathpact is born. Rayse rules over Damnation, Honor and Cultivation rule over Roshar. 3 of 16 rule. Somehow the Oathpact gets broken and Honor splinters, Tanavast dies and Cultivation either flees with the tail between her legs or she makes a deal with Rayse ( Odium doesn't seem like someone who makes deals, but maybe his Shardholder has something going for Cultivation's Shardholder ). In the end Odium is sovereign. The broken one rules. But Humans are still around, Roshar is still there .. maybe the Oathpact isnt as broken as it seems. Odium arms himself for a final battle. But why is Odium called the broken one ? He splintered Honor, Dominion, Devotion and maybe more Shards. He seems to be good at breaking stuff and I think we have a WoB that he's a pretty hateful dude ( but I'm no sure, sorry ). Hoid's letter states that Rayse was never a chill dude and now with Odium as his shard he's extremly dangerous. What makes us think that he can control his feelings ? He could hate himself as much as the other Shardholders and could've somehow broken himself a tad. The whole Odium as Shard of Hatred feels a little weird to me .. we have a Shard that hates and breaks, but no one that is pure Love, we have just aspects of such love like Devotion. I think there is much more behind the Shard Odium than we're able to grasp right now.
  10. LangsamSchneller ( translates to SlowFaster )It might sound interesting to non-germans, but it's quite silly to just translate a name in general. Addionally it might work to play around with two opposite adjectives in english, but if you do that in german you will eventually get a much, much longer word. Slowswift with 9 letters is a lot shorter than LangsamSchneller with 14. If the translator insists on translating it anyway he could at least do it properly and use the basic form of the word "schnell" instead of the comparative "schneller" (faster/swifter). Edit: Screwed up quoting
  11. He's called Slowswift in the original ? That's so much more awesome than the german translation ! The Mistborn books are the only ones of Sanderson that I read in my native language and I regretted it afterwards. Damnation, they renamed Elend Venture to Elant Wager ( I know Elend is a german word for misfortune, but you can't just rename a main character, can you ? ) and the names of the whole Kelsier crew got screwed up in general. Well, there's another thing I can blame the translators for. Edit Fun fact: They named Clubs "Keuler" - thats german slang for a guy that .. well .. plays with himself ( you know what I mean ).
  12. My favourite Hoid-moment is his appearence in Rock's story. He has such a dramatic appearence, a white-haired "god" coming from the depths of the most holiest sea. And what does he do ? He blows it ! Making fun of some poor guys beard, rather than saying a epic one-liner. Typical Hoid.
  13. A bit off-topic: Has someone ever asked Brandon if the Heralds = Ten Fools ? The person talking to Nalan in the Prologue said something about him getting worse ? What if the Heralds turn slowly into the 10 Fools if the don't go back to Damnation. Back to the topic: It's possible that they were all present, but I tend to doubt it. 4500 Years are a long time and I don't think that their immortality is confirmed .. so some of them could even have died ( stormlight does not heal everything ). Even if we ignore such worst case scenarios.. everyone knows how hard it is to get a dozen close friends to attend a party - some of them already have plans, they could be sick and so on. I think it's likely that some of them just couldn't spare the time. But I could be to realistic here, it's a book after all.
  14. Elhokar maybe is the king by name, but he has basicly no power over anyone anymore. The guards and generals are loyal to Dalinar, nobody takes Elhokar seriously and with Dalinar as the founder of the new Knights Radiant he has much more influence than Elhokar ever had. Just imagine .. some guy commanding flying Knights with blades that cut through everything. The only way anyone could challenge this position is outsmarting him, by pushing him into a moral conflict where he loses the sympathy of the crowd no matter how he decides. It would be a genius plan to uncover Adolins crime and make Dalinar act on it personally if you wanted to weaken his position of absolute power. If the opposion claims that Dalinar wants the thrown for himself they would just ask him to execute Adolin himself to show his loyalty to the law and Elhokar. Killing Adolin would make him a kinslayer, refusing would make him a traitor / hypocrite.
  15. I like that we got more and new ranks ! But I'm kind of irritated by the order. The level of power/ the distribution doesn't seem right .. is a Envisager really more powerful than a Gyorn ? And wouldn't Wyrn easily take out a Worldbringer ? I feel like some of the ranks are fine, but everything that's connected with the Stormlight Archive is either over- or underpowered.