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  1. Oh wow that is so cool. We got a really hardworking committed team. Thanks for everything. And the image was by accident when I tried to upload the audio multiple because it wasn't appearing in the sources.
  2. As for me: I liked this vote of Randuir's. A budgie
  3. Yes of course. I've also sent it to Jebus but I could upload it as well.
  4. Managed to get there in time and set my phone to record the signing. I asked a few questions at the end but they were on their way to catch a train soon after so didn't pester too much. Most interesting was probably: Can what happened to Nightblood be done again? Brandon said what happened with Nightblood was really bizarre and theoretically it is possible but very difficult to do. There was one couple there that met in Brandon's signing line a few years back and are getting married soon. I met a few others, two of which were in Cosplay. It was really cool overall, the store was out of almost every Sanderson book.
  5. That was rather excellent, if I do say so myself. Lopen and DA came through there. If anyone has protection, I'd suggest you make good use of it tonight. I'd want to lynch Arinian next. But elim/elim interactions would make Arinians voting on the same people as Asterion would be rather obvious for the elim team. They would definitely try to distance themselves. But at this point, it wouldn't be unexpected. What are people's thoughts on Doc?
  6. I'm going to go for Arinian Asterion and put my trusts in my two lawyers Lopen and DA, who are most likely village. Randuir has gone up slightly leaning village now.
  7. That's more than enough I found it a bit unsettling how fast I got votes there. I mean, you did make a sound case on me, though wrong. At least it makes me trust you to be a villager. I have my suspicions on Arin still. Especially with the quick vote on me. Asterion is still a bit iffy. For today, I don't mind either of Asterion's or roadwalker's lynch, however. Road's a village read for me last cycle however it would clear a few things up.
  8. Low activity due to traveling to London for signing event. It was sooo cool btw. Met other sharders etc. Got books signed, questions answered. Theres been an extension so I'll try to make a defence case tomorrow. Any lawyers offering their services? To represent me here?
  9. So this was the second time round in the queue, we were the last ones. Quicky scribbled this question on. Make of it what you will, but thats Lift for me.
  10. Ok so I'm reading Roadwalker as village. Not been following previous cycles too closely so dont know what to make of Darkness. I have my suspicions on Arinian. It could be a false trail but the one I'd go with for now. Budgie stands out a little but not too suspicious yet.
  11. Ok I went over Rae's post about the voting tally and I see what people mean about phatt now. Let's keep it a tie though, shall we? Oh and I would look at some of the people that are reading Lopen village.
  12. My votes have been random so far but Arinian has roused my suspicions. He voted for the easiest vote-able player (i.e. me) and gave a reason that he wants to go for under the radar players. He shows trust in Lopen in his post who is also voting on me so Arin sets up his own vote on me as well. Then when the votes starting going towards road, he jumped on Road bandwagon. Could be a village just helping but maybe an elim. It just stood out to me. I think phattemer is probs village because of his voting and genuine sounding posts. Bussing is entirely possible here though. Alv/Lopen elim pair is unlikely because of Lopens defence of Alv. But very possible that one or the other is elim. Elims know the village so their defence can be confident. Not really leaning elim for Lopen right now though since it's a more generalised and a good point rather than outright defence. Hmm. From Road's accusation of Alv, it makes me lean village on Road. But I feel I'm coming to conclusions too fast here. Hmm. Keeping my vote on Asterion for now.
  13. I normally copy and paste the colour text from a previous post and then type my text in. But there is a way to do it which I've forgotten.