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  1. Hey everyone. I should be on in a couple of hours, all caught up, hopefully.
  2. Here to say I'm alive but rather busy this weekend. The extra night cycle has actually helped so I should be okay tomorrow IRL day. Don't really have any thoughts as to the vote for today. Do we know if hoid and khrisalla are starting with a team?
  3. Not much to add atm. Also I will be very busy this weekend. I wonder if stick is actually joking lol. Jondesu, yes we need to rethink any reads we had. DoS (devotary) and everyone else, keeping PMs to a minimum will be a good idea. We also have planet docs. We can be be more talkative in PMs but using that same energy in the thread will help the village more in the long run imo. And not to reveal our intentions in PMs to others unless we're 90+% confident of their alignment (of a villager that is)
  4. So the actual shattering of Adonalsium took place in the previous thread. Also a bit ironic that hoid/khrissala probably got converted night 1 (or maybe not)
  5. Haha. I had to read this a couple times to understand what you were saying Lmao I see how that could've been confusing. My last post before turn's end. I've only skimmed so far, hopefully will catch up during day turn. I'm of the thought that we shouldn't announce which investiture we are aiming for. More information in this situation will only help the elims and make it easier for them to plan and choose their targets to help their wincon. Even though the setting is different, the aim is the same and village will hopefully do what's best for the wincon in regards to shards. (It's late, I'm dizzy) As village, we should put our thoughts in thread and let other villagers judge (so to say) our alignment (it's weird this game due to conversions) but with conversions, a different agenda in a said player should help us with their alignment. Hmm. Also, let's be careful about PMs as well.
  6. Wow, really busy in here. So much to catch up on. Village leans on stick and MM for now and slight villager for randuir from the quick skim.
  7. Due to time limitations, I won't be doing much game mechanics analysis etc. So a lot quick and snappy posts to show where I'm at. An excellent opening by Bard and although I agree we should lynch day 1, I have misgivings from the way he pitched it.
  8. Hey everyone I really enjoyed this game. I'd like to thank the GMs for hosting and everyone else for playing. Fifth Scholar and Monster especially, as it was their first game and they contributed a lot to the activity level. Randuir, I enjoyed my back and forths arguments with you and liked allaying your suspicion of me somewhat. And most of all, to the best elim team ever. That's right, it was a joy working besides Drought, Mage, Seonid and Hael It was so upsetting when Elephant got lynched Village was playing well at points but we had to try hard tbh. Also, towards the end, I felt fatigue settling in. But everyone got through it. And well done Rae. I tried to sow last-minute doubt with my lynch but you unvoted too late Also we got rid of Joe rather quick as well. We couldn't really focus on killing the dangerous players as we were scared of the Scanner so we went PR hunting mostly. It was good.
  9. Thank you everyone for playing. Many thanks to the GMs for their hard work. It was a great game and a great playerlist. A pleasure playing with you all. Next time we will win...flawlessly
  10. Well looks like this might be a contestant. Shanerockes.
  11. I think they are. Droughtbringer.
  12. Why must you not allow me to wallow in my ignorance a little longer?
  13. Come on Bugsy, the only way we can kill our house members is by lynching them