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  1. Also, fifth, to answer your question from before. My vote was just to see what happened and if anyone else tried to jump on.
  2. I'll change my vote to Wonko. I don't really have any strong feelings about anyone atm so I'll join this wagon.
  3. I'll put a vote on Fifth for now. I think I die if I don't vote today. There were a lot of 1-vote wagons, feels like elims were safe and content to just sit out. From the top wagons, fifth has a chance to be an elim imo. Edit: Walin, yes, I received a message as well.
  4. Hey everyone. I am around and I will hopefully get some time to read and make a vote later in the cycle.
  5. Unfortunately, I have nothing to give out apart from Prayers. May Stormlight guide your way and may you fight this battle with Honor and Courage. This sounds fun, I will most likely be spectating the game. Good luck, Randuir
  6. Just for fun Hope you liked it.
  7. You're supposed to be the fastest man alive...
  8. lol MM went all out on silverlight eh? Why does DoS know everything!!??
  9. I finally come online to vote and what do I find? Game over?? Just a poor old 17th shard researcher here btw
  10. I was on silverlight and sent to Nalthis randomly upon silverlight's destruction.
  11. lol understandable haha. It's over now. Straw. Livinglegend.
  12. Okay let's do this. Drought doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Actually feels like a possible elim. But for now... Straw