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  1. That WoB makes sense, because she does know that Surgebinders are able to suck in stormlight from spheres. Wyndle is always talking about how amazing it is that she can metabolize food into stormlight, and her knowledge of the more generic way of getting it is what leads her to realizes that Stump is a Surgebinder.
  2. When your summary of Dr. Strange looks like this: -Some random Danish guy uses a lashing -The same random guy draws aons -BC gets an awakened cloak -Random guy from above gets eyeliner and starts preaching about Ruin -A giant mass of writhing, swirling Ruin shows up in the air (And I haven't even finished the movie yet) Edit: I finished it -BC makes a literal wheel of time
  3. Welcome, @Shadowmancer! Your magic is super cool, thanks for explaining it to us. Also, I can't say I minded your bit about our "brilliant minds" (though it's mostly just me)
  4. As a Radiant, I'm thinking Dalinar will gain even more influence, and possibly be able to keep some people from standing with Amaram. I know he doesn't have the power to keep Amaram from becoming a Highprince, but he might be able to take some of his support.
  5. @aemetha I was mostly triggered by the tone of your comment, rather than the actual scientific differences between genders (which I certainly agree are a reality).
  6. When you can't get through another book, or an episode of any show, without finding a million Cosmere references.
  7. When you have recurring nightmares (or maybe visions from Honor) about filmmakers completely botching Cosmere movies.
  8. I don't have any real opinions about who will end up Highprince, but I do strongly believe that, should Amaram make a push for the Princedom, Dalinar would do his best to get in the way.
  9. Okay, I'm feeling the need to step in. I thought our society was moving passed the idea that teenage girls swoon at every attractive guy they see. Being a girl myself, I think I have the authority to say that, while this may be true for some people, it can't be said for everyone. Shallan is not "infatuated" with Kaladin, nor has she fallen in love with everyone who has "dreamy eyes". In my personal opinion, Kabsal actually had feelings for Shallan (feel free to step in if there's a WoB or something of the sort to disprove this), more so than she did for him. And Adolin was just as quick to like Shallan as she was to like him, not to mention the fact that his eyes are more liable to wander than many teenage girls' I know.... Sorry for the rant, but this was bugging me a bit.
  10. I'd be surprised if there hasn't been a lot of discussion about this already, but I was wondering when Shallan will find out that Kaladin killed her brother/what her reaction will be. My thinking is that she'll put it together pretty soon, but with Kaladin away I'm not sure how she'll react. I personally don't have much to say on the subject, but I'd love to hear some ideas, or if there are many related WoB's.
  11. Contessa

    Age on Roshar

    So I was re-reading WoR, and at a few points it mentions that the Rosharan year is five hundred days. Does this make the earth equivalent of everyone's ages older than the number of years it states in the book? For instance, if Kaladin is nineteen Rosharan years, would he be around twenty-six earth years? (I hope I did that math right.) Anyway, just something that crossed my mind. I can think of a few things that might explain it, but I was wondering what you guys thought. Sorry if this has been brought up before....
  12. @Nathrangking well that doesn't make much sense either because the person asking the question clearly says Radiants.
  13. Alright, I can agree with you here. I don't think his upbringing excuses his actions or intents, but I still feel pity for him, which I presume is where we deviate from one another. It's hard for me to read the scene when he's talking to Kaladin near the end of WoR without feeling a mixture of contempt and pity, the former being for reasons you wrote, and the latter for reasons I wrote.
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