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  1. First of all, a big thanks for hosting Joe. It was a really fun game, one of the most enjoyable I've played, though I was low activity. There were some really good discussions and good analysis going on, made it easier for new players to get in and get bloody Also mistakes were made on my part during and after the game I should've fought my lynch just to give village that one more village life. But it was extremely enjoyable. Good game everyone.
  2. Almost forgot the earlier deadline. I'm not exactly sure about Emi. I feel like we should tie someone else but it's too late. Let's see where this goes though Emi
  3. There's just one problem Matrim I AM THE REAL WINSTING. I can come out now that I pushed a bit extra for bugsy lynch to fake-cover (somewhat) for winsting and bugsy to push for me rather than the actual winsting. I haven't done any analysis about the remaining elims to be completely honest. I can sheep on Experience but I may go back if I get a chance just to read some of the posts from the remaining players before I commit to anything
  4. I didn't have a chance to come post properly last cycle. At least killing winsting doesnt end gane now. Just a matter of finding the last elims. I was gambling tycoon. Now I can be killed with just one lynch or night action. I doubt theere are more than 3, likely 2 left (need to recheck numbers). I'm probably going to sheep Detess' analysis from previous cycle, excluding the read on me of course. But we'll have to assume worst case scenario, that we can't lynch wrong. It's actually really difficult with non-active players because it basically becomes random.
  5. I probably will, later. And yh I'm village lol Wait isn't this Randuir's new account?
  6. I've been somewhat distracted recently. Nice work with silberfan. Also a side note, I think the extortionist is really strong. Bugsy shouldn't have been backed into a corner like that but anyways. Detess is cleared unless he decided to bus silber for the cred to endgame which is unlikely. Plus the frustration previous cycle is villagery. I think we get bugsy this cycle, in a tie, if we prefer, ideally not with me, of course
  7. Bugsy, I may have a change of heart. I feel like I owe you a tie at least. However, I reread the rules and we can't win together. If we disperse party, then even with one elim alive, elims win. We can't risk it because we are not told if all elims are gone. Plus we may not have enough awake players. If winsting dies, you win as game's over. You're right that you can't do anything, but elims can still kill winsting (by accident). Hmm
  8. I just reread OP and realised that upon a tie, both parties are lynched, rather than being random. My mistake. wait, I read the bolded as you saying you're submitting a kill whenever possible. My mistake.
  9. I agree with everything. As long as there wasn't an outed anti-village faction(not exactly faction, I know) which isn't a benefit keeping alive for village. And they still don't die may I remind you. Bugsy has also admitted (as a half- threat (or maybe a full-on threat), I believe) they will continue placing kills which will either be redirected to villagers or he will be roleblocked. Anyways, it's just my opinion on the current course of action but nothing that I'm 100% on, so I do concede, we can try lynching an elim but I have a feeling either this or next cycle may be make or break for village regarding bleeder.
  10. I think it's just that I'm not certain we'd actually be lynching an elim. I don't know what would be a bigger reason than that. Also it could easily be that you're lying about one of your roles and in the case of a tie,you can move a vote yourself onto your counter-wagon. If we are to take what you said as the truth about not being able to perform actions as you want due to being cornered by the elims, then pyro has been leading us on for a good few cycles onto non-elim lynches, which was actually the case. Though I have to give you credit for doing this well after outing as bleeder.
  11. I think the chances are slim but I won't rule out the possibility of you being an elim. But that's all it is, paranoia, if you will. For second part: We're 'trying' to tie an elim with bleeder but that never equates to the certainty of having a definite anti-village faction. Also bussing exists: example Sart in the recent QF. I mean, I think it's good to have healthy paranoia
  12. Role is secret Suspicious in the sense the sense that I'm a 'villager calling out for one bleeder lynch' or an 'elim calling for a bleeder lynch' as I don't seem to be the bleeder
  13. I know Detess wants a tie but it's an unnecessary risk for village in the case we are tying a a village for the lynch.
  14. Hi. interesting development That's why we always lynch an outed elim. That's why we should always take the bleeder down to 1 life rather than having them 2 lives even later in the game. Detess!elim is possible especially with their quick turnaround on lynching the bleeder and trying to go for an 'elim'. Best way to go from here (in my opinion) We lynch bugsy once, let night actions resolve, and see where we are tomorrow. Reason: Busgy is over-exagerating our bad position. Quite a few elims are down. Best thing for bugsy is delay and try to hunt elim, because with a decent case on him by one the elims as a bleeder and he could be a runaway wagon. Plus he gets more time to get winstig. Honestly if I were bleeder and I didn't want to be a tool for the elims, I wouldn't submit an action to be redirected. Bugsy has made this attempt and fair enough. Time to level the ground and at least bring bugsy in danger. Everyone is playing to their win-con. Pyro and bugsy were and are both furthering their wincon. And it is definitely more fun Bugsy Also I'm up for trying out Detess tomorrow. (Although not 100% on this, I think it's a good plan of action. If he's elim, he needs pressure and if he's not, he may live longer )
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