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  1. We know that Hoid does use emotional allomancy. Whether he does it in the case of his conversation with Jasnah is not that clear. I suspect though, the reason Jasnah does not bat an eye at the mention of "Tanavast" is because she actually has heard this name before. Because she is Jasnah.
  2. After reading the whole book, no, they are not. The entire straight man - jokster pairing of two cops is a trope that is significantly older than Wax and Wayne, anyway, and yes, Davis is cast in this trope as a straight man, while Chaz as a jokster. But without giving much away, let's just say that Brandon subverts this trope by the end of the book.
  3. I liked the story. I am basically a sucker, so I did not see the resolution - to me it kept on being the standard cops chase a crazy person thing with a somewhat bitter taste related to the nature of the cops. I do have a complaint though. After the very first scene in the book, when Davis and Chaz are introduced, Brandon, for reasons unbeknownst to me goes for 3-4 paragraphs of exposition of Snapshots, Discrepancies and such. It reads like a straightforward infodump from a Terry Goodkind novel. More importantly, it is absolutely unnecessary, because in the very next scene Davis and Chaz are in the liquor store, Chaz flashes the badge, and the proprietor freaks out. At this point, the "yes we are in a Snapshot", "yes, we are the only two real dudes here", and "rust, will this cause a Deviation? Who cares?" can be established by Davis simply growling at Chaz, Chaz answering, and with the help of some additional one-two liners of author's narrative. So, my suggestion to everyone who has not read the story yet is to just go ahead and skip those three-four paragraphs of exposition. They really stick like a sore thumb. The rest of the story flows really nice actually, even if I could not pick up on the clues.
  4. My reading of this is that Gavilar wanted to turn Parshendi into Voidbringers and fight them, NOT fight alongside them.
  5. There may be other Heralds very interested in preventing a Desolation. This does not have to be Nale's operation.
  6. This is how your original post on the topic and the "He hears a Voice of God" apologia reads to me. Apologies, if it is not the case. Exactly. Apocalypse is not the end, it's the means. Journey before destination, so to speak. Thank you. I could not have said it better myself. This is a good point actually. Skybreakers: let's kill all KRs to prevent Desolation Sons of Honor: let's create Desolation to bring back KRs Clearly, two opposite agendas. Nin is in the house, and I am sure he knows what Gavilar is up to. It also explains why Heralds are there in force that night.
  7. My understanding was that the major visions were done for with the one where we had "UNITE THEM" in capital letters, and where Dalinar finally realized that he was listening to a recording, not having a conversion... Most of the time, when God says something in someone's head in Cosmere, it has been Ruin. So, yes, let's have a conversation about how useful it has been to be hearing voices in your head in Cosmere. The strawman argument you are building is that what Gavilar was doing was a reasonable response to what he has learned from his nightly Almighty messages. I still think he has seen the same things as Dalinar has. Where in them is the direct message from God to do anything the Gavilar is planning??? Gavilar is reacting to what he learned. But his reaction is not the only one possible. In fact, an argument can be made, that his reaction makes less sense than a lot of other possible courses of actions. This makes the justification that he was doing it in the name of his God very weak. He may be trying to justify it this way, but those were not the marching instructions from God. We have seen the marching instructions. They were in ALL CAPS in Dalinar's visions. We can pretend that Gavilar may have seen extra episodes, but let's stop pretending that Tanavast was sending a different message to him. Yes. This has pretty much been my reasoning. No matter what the esteemed opponents in this argument are saying about the Voice of GOD, and so on, reason 1 is effectively a spoiled child wanting more fun things for himself. Voice of GOD or not, Gavilar clearly has a lot of agency in deciding how he chooses to pursue his goals. I think there is no need to jump to conclusions here. Gavilar was pretty clear about his plan. Discover who voidbringers are. (Check. He knows it now) Figure out why they are not voidbringers anymore (Check. The ancient captured spren) Figure out what needs to be done to turn them into voidbringers (Check. "You can keep this. I have another") Turn parshmen (and now that they are here, Parshendi) into Voidbringers ? Heralds appear. Knights Radiant appear. Major battle. There may be a couple more bullet points to this agenda, but my concern is 5. I agree that the Listeners are being manipulated too. (voices in heads are everywhere these days apparently). So, they are no longer off the radar of Odium. But I still think that there are more sane ways to approach saving the world problem then "let's let eldritch deities into the room".
  8. I get a very similar sense - we have not seen the least of the prep work he has done - he did get the voidspren from somewhere, and to listen to him (no pun intended) in the Prologue, he has all but figured it all out. However his "alliance" with Parshendi seems weird to me. Either I do not understand something (and this very well may be the place) or what Gavilar was essentially saying to Eshonai there is something like this: we have treaty, we will bring your gods, you will change, become voidbringers, our Heralds will come back, KRs with them, and we will cheerfully duke it out in a war afterwards. Have I missed something? Does Gavilar think that the Listeners taking new form would fight alongside Knights Radiant? Against who?
  9. Dalinar saw the same "tonight in the history of Roshar" news reel Gavilar saw. Dalinar did not get, all of a sudden get a rushing urge to unleash DOOM. I think we should stop justifying anyone's actions in this world with "God told them to". Nothing good typically comes out of it. Neither in our world, nor in Cosmere.
  10. So.... Fair enough. Here is the wording. It does indeed suggest one spren. It also suggests, that this spren was caught in a "very special gem". So now I have a question. Where the heck is it???
  11. I see where you are coming from, and this makes more sense to me now than before. However, I am still not certain that "OMG, we do not have the time to train! Let's speed up DOOM!" is a pragmatic approach. This is more of a grasping for straws approach that is borne out of someone reading in some text some obscure reference and coming to Gavilar all like "My lord, it is all clear to me! This ketek here... it says: Nice things happen sooner the sooner they happen to nice things! This can only mean one thing! If we start Desolations NOW, Knights Radiant will magically appear. Totally. The books says it... yes... the book...right here sir..." and Gavilar is all like "Yeah... Sounds like a plan" Let's put it this way. Dalinar has seen the same visions. He may, as of yet do something stupid, but so far, making it easier for the enemy to kill everyone in sight is not something he is keen on doing. So, I see what you are saying, but I somewhat disagree that Gavilar and his posse acted in a pragmatic way. My view of pragmatic way is "let's do everything we can to postpone this until very very late". So, I am with Parshendi here. They did the pragmatic thing.
  12. It is pretty clear by now that Dalinar's and Gavilar's paths have diverged significantly. It is also clear that there are sufficiently many people on Roshar running around and one way or another trying to save Roshar from <insert something here>. Here are some of the wacky ideas that are being toyed with. There is a group of people who misinterpret what can only be the in-world version of the "crack in the soul" myth and self-torture hoping to become Knights Radiant. There is a group of people who run around and kill any emerging Surgebinder hoping that this will prevent Desolations from coming. There is a group of people who assassinate monarchs, cause political chaos and try to amass power, all staked on semi-coherent writings of an obsessed person, hoping that this will save the world. There is a group of people trying to kill Jasnah. There is a special place in hell for them. And then there are people who decide that because life just isn't interesting enough because unlike five thousand years ago, they cannot just go and talk to their Gods [1], the correct course of action is to unleash upon the world the very enemies these Gods keep on fighting. This latter plan makes Skybreakers look pitiful, and make the Diagram look positively the only sane people in the room. I am now absolutely convinced that Sons of Honor are the creepiest, most deranged and dangerous SOBs around. The Earth parallel is the Christian sects that want to see all Jews move to Israel, because this is the event that will trigger Apocalypse. Yeah, Gavilar was on his way of Nahel-bonding Stormfather. This actually is probably the best argument for why there should never be more than three Bondsmiths. Because if at least one of them is Gavilar-style wacko, Roshar is going down the drain. [1] Who, we know from WOBs are certifiably insane in their own right (which makes this idea even worse than it otherwise looks) Nope. It really is nowhere near "pragmatic". "Pragmatic" is running around and offing Surgebinders. You are killing individual people, but very few of them, and if this prevents entire countries from being burned out, certain lines of thinking may treat it as pragmatic: it is minimizing the overall loss of life over a long period of time. The Diagram is the tragedy of an anti-villain turning dark and sociopathic. But Gavilar's approach to saving the world is wistful insanity of a spoiled child who has a sad because Santa isn't real and there is no Easter Bunny.
  13. This.... uhm... Let's see.... The only way I can see what you are suggesting making sense to me is if it works as follows... Adonalsium is considered to be the original "patron saint" of the Listeners. Now, this is not too far out. We know that they take on forms by bonding spren, and we know that they predate the humans (and therefore, at least, the coming of Honor and Cultivation - probably). Being native to Roshar means that should predate the Shattering. So, before Honor and Cultivation, they must've bonded spren, and therefore some of their early forms must've been Adonalsium-inspired ones. (now Adonalsium was a god of all, so those forms could be anything). What still makes me wonder is this... I read the story of the last Desolation to be something like this: humans were fighting the voidforms of Listeners and via some feat of Investiture wound up being able to rip spren out of Listeners, turning them into parshmen. However, *before* this happened, a splinter group of Listeners somehow defeated their voidforms to assume dullform and escape. They became the Parshendi we know now. So, to me the "capturing very old spren" read like "spren" was in plural, and referred to the act of ripping the voidspren from the Listeners-in-voidform. Yeah, Gavilar and Sons of Honor are even creepier than the Skybreakers. I do not know if Brandon wanted Gavilar to come off as a disturbed eight-year-old who wants to burn down the house because someone took his candy away, but if he did, kudos. Because this whole "I want my dear Heralds back because life is just too boring without a planetary Apocalypsis" schtick is not making him look good. Compared to him, Mr. T. is Miss Manners. I am also not surprised that anyone who had a clear idea of what Gavilar was up to would be very distrustful of Dalinar.
  14. I don't know. Yes, he is a lawman, but I am not certain Nalan would approve of how he does things. Steris for Truthwatcher, though. Wayne for Lightweaver. Marasi... Elsecaller probably.
  15. I think the trail to Jasnah's "crack in the soul" needs to go through her acknowledged and established atheism, not through unconfirmed sexual violence. She is the highest-born Alethi in her generation. Who would even think of sexual violence against her? Her atheism, however, is the driving force behind who Jasnah is and how she approaches learning. She was brought up in a world of Vorin ardentia. You think deciding that all they are telling her about Vorinism is crem dung is not enough for a crack in her soul? You think you need to bring in something else here? WoB stated that Elsecaller spren are inkspren. This is a significantly larger giveaway than one might think at first. Just ask yourself, how would an inkspren get attracted to Jasnah.... It's actually pretty clear.....