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  1. We’ve been reading the Alcatraz books with my 10 year old daughter and she loves them, and Brandon has quickly become her favorite Author. She has seen all the books and things that we have had him sign back when it was easier to get his signature, and she has heard our stories, and now she’s dying for the chance to meet him herself. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone is looking to unload a couple of badges for this year’s con, please DM me! Thanks in advance! 

  2. On 3/9/2021 at 0:50 AM, Flyingbooks said:

    I just finished watching the show for the first time and it was amazing. I love all of the characters, especially Aaravos, even though he's basically a living ulterior motive and he'll probably be the final villain. He's just so mysterious and looks so awesome and beautiful.

    Right? I can’t wait to find out how and why he was imprisoned. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Use the Falchion said:

    So I just got some news about a test I need to take, and due to that and everything that's happening in Texas I'm actually going to have to pass. (Assuming that last spot wasn't taken lol!) I'm really sorry about this, but I know you'll have an awesome campaign! 

    No worries, thanks for letting us know. Good luck with your test and with the rolling blackout situation! 

    Once things settle down if you decide you’d still like to play let us know- there’s a good chance we’ll be able to let you take over for someone else who needs to step down. Such is the nature of PBP games. ;)

  4. 6 minutes ago, Kasimir said:

    Need us to PM you Discord usernames? Otherwise I'm on the 17S and SE Discords, so if you're on either, shouldn't be hard to find me :P I'll shut down the RPGgeek account if it's not being used - I don't like leaving accounts all over the place ;) 

    Sure, or you can PM me in discord or add me as a friend and then I’ll respond with the invite. My username is Herowannabe#8665

  5. 4 hours ago, Kasimir said:

    I'm fine with Discord if we aren't using voice chat. It's a personal problem but I just have a great deal of difficulty focusing on pure audio, which has given me lots of grief throughout my university days. I'd say I'm more likely to respond swiftly on Discord too :P 

    Oh yeah, definitely text only for this game, I should have mentioned that earlier. 

    3 hours ago, JesterLavorre said:

    I’d be up for this. I’m not super experience with discord either, but I know the basics.


    25 minutes ago, Use the Falchion said:

    I'm fine with the switch!

    Okay cool, it’s official then. I’ll get a server set up for us and send out invites soon. Also, FYI I’m planning on getting this started sometime this weekend (So @Use the Falchion, if you still want in then you better hurry! ;) There are only 2 slots still open)

  6. Hey everyone (and specifically: @Kasimir @JesterLavorre @Use the Falchion) in spreading the word for this game I stumbled across the CortexRPG Discord channel, which is actually set up to run PBP games and has a bot designed specifically for Cortex dice rolling (which is what ToX uses). I confess I’m not super familiar with discord- I have used it before but not much. However, what would you think of moving our game from the forum to Discord instead of RPGgeek? 

    Personally, I am happy to do it either way, though I do see a few advantages to using discord:
    For one, it already has a thriving community of Dragon Prince / ToX fans, while RPGgeek is... well... pretty dead, to be blunt. 
    Second, as I mentioned, the Cortex dice bot is specifically designed for rolling dice. You can set it so that it automatically totals your two highest dice and then picks the best effect die out of the remaining dice. I’ve tested it out and it’s pretty slick
    Third, I already know of at least one player who would want to join our group if we switched to Discord, but who isn’t interested in forum play. 

    That said, if anyone is opposed to using Discord, then I don’t want to switch to it if doing so would mean losing any of you as players. #noplayerleftbehind


  7. 7 hours ago, Kasimir said:

    Still looking for players? ;) One of my D&D games is ending so I might be interested, depending on how much commitment you expect. (I see the bit about a post a day, just never done pbp outside of Storium before.)

    Kas! Long time no see!

    Sure, we’d be happy to have you aboard. Speaking from past experience, playing in a PBP RP game takes a fraction of the amount of time commitment it takes to play in Sanderson Elimination game, so I’m betting you’ll be just fine. B)

    Just go here and follow the instructions to get officially signed up. 

  8. @JesterLavorre @Use the Falchion The sign-up thread is now up over at RPGgeek.com. If you're still interested then please pop on over and pick a character to get officially signed up. As I mentioned above, the adventure supports up to 6 players and seems to play better with more players rather than fewer, so if you know anyone else who might be interested then feel free to invite them. I'm going to wait a couple days and then post an invite on ToX's facebook page for anyone else who wants to play. :)

  9. 7 hours ago, JesterLavorre said:

    Also, why is it that when I’m reading the rules primer, every time I see a picture of Rayla I immediately start reading in her voice for no reason?

    I think that means you’re doing it right. ;)

    5 hours ago, AonEne said:

    I won't be able to do this after all, but I hope you guys have fun! 

    We’ll miss having you, but I understand how it goes. If things change down the line and you decide you want to join in, let us know, we can probably make that happen. :)

  10. Alright, its sounding like PBP is going to be the way to go. After doing a bit of looking around, I think our best venue will be rpggeek.com, mainly because it already has a dedicated page for ToX with a dedicated "Play by Forum" subforum, plus it allows for rolling multiple dice of different types at the same time, which will be necessary for the game. I'll work on getting a thread started for us there within the next day or two. 

    In the meantime, anyone who wants to play I ask that you go read the Rules Primer, which is now available on their website. You don't have to read the "Running the Game" section if you don't want to, but please go over the rest. Do NOT read the "Lost Oasis: A Playtest Tale" page- because that is the adventure we are going to be playing. B)

    Lastly (for now), by my count we have 3 people interested in playing, namely @Use the Falchion, @JesterLavorre, and @AonEne. The adventure supports up to 6 players, so if you know anyone else who would be interested in playing, feel free to invite them! :)

  11. On 9/13/2020 at 7:04 PM, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

    @Herowannabe, creator of Awesome Koloss emojis and prince of perspicacity, the Cosmere/Non-Cosmere Character Roast Tournament is on, wannabe a participant

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to respectfully decline. Real Life is too busy for me at the moment for me to engage in another roast battle tournament. Best of luck to everyone though! 

  12. On 4/24/2020 at 1:45 AM, Snorkel said:

    I skipped most of the thread because I don't want spoilers.


    Is it complete at the end of Season 3? It has a finale?

    Season 3 wraps up the current story arc pretty well, but leaves several things open for future seasons. As was mentioned above, the plan is to have it go 7 seasons, one for each arcanum + dark magic. 

  13. 4 hours ago, Govir said:

    Not sure about the game you're talking about, but I do think there's going to be a Stormlight Archive flavored version of a newer game: Call to Adventure. I kickstarted the original, with a promised Name of the Wind expansion. One of the updates mentions art direction for a Stormlight Archives expansion has begun (which does mean the actual release is probably still a ways away).

    This is a separate thing from the Call to Adventure expansion. 

    2 hours ago, Pagerunner said:

    The Szeth card was for something else entirely, not the Stormlight board game. 

    Do you have a better source on that? Look at the date of your quote- that was 2016. Brandon started taking about the Stormlight game around the end of 2017, which is also when the BGG page went up for it. The BGG listing gave the game a 2018 release date. 


    oh actually, while searching through the Arcanum I found This, which doesn’t sound anything like the Stormlight war game, so you’re probably right:



    I was at a book signing in Chicago a few years ago and you were giving out these little Szeth figurines with statistics on the back of them. What ever happened with them? What was that going to be?

    Brandon Sanderson

    That was me trying to get [Crafty Games] to build a hybrid card game slash-- a deckbuilding/boardbuilding game that still I have hopes will someday happen. It was, you build the board as you build the characters, things like that. They were way more interested in the board game itself, which came out well. It's possible we'll still do the deckbuilding/boardbuilding game. Keep a hold of those Szeth figures.

    Anyway, back to this game, I also found this:


    Any more board games? There was a Stormlightboard game, and we have backed off on that because some of the early things we got, we didn't like the direction it was going. We have really liked the two board games that have come out. They have both turned out really well. They have both fulfilled their Kickstarter requirements, which is one of our number one things, we don't want to have that hanging over people. So they've both been really great partners. I still would like to see Stormlight, we were going to do a Shattered Plains style game. We'll see how that goes.


    Also, I got a reply to the email I sent to Mayday games:


    I'm sorry, but we are not going to be publishing Way of Kings. I do not have the inside scoop on why it was cancelled, but it's been off as of April.


    Not very informative, but at least we have official confirmation that the game is off the table. :(

  14. 5 minutes ago, John Flamesinger said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they gave up the game because of the Way of Kings VR game.

    It’s my understanding that the WoK VR isn’t a game per se, but rather just a VR experience, mainly for showing off the world to potential movie/TV producers. 


    But even then, I doubt that’s why Mayday would have cancelled the board game. The VR would have only increased board game sales and vice versa. 

  15. I just searched through the site and couldn’t find any other threads talking about this game, so I don’t know how many people even know about it. So if you don’t know about it, a couple years ago Brandon mentioned that they were developing a board game based on and around the war on the Shattered Plains. He even gave out a bunch of promotional Szeth cards/standees with some cryptic game stats on the back alongside the release of Words of Radiance. Supposedly the game was supposed to go to kickstarter sometime in 2018, but that got bumped back. Then today, this troubling news was posted on boardgamegeek.com:

    One of the designers here. As far as I've been recently told, this project is currently dead. I don't really know any other info.
    Thanks a ton for your interest. It's a fantastic world Sanderson built and the game was pretty epic.


    I went ahead and sent an email to [email protected] to ask about this. We’ll see what they say. To anyone else interested in this game, I’d encourage you to send them a polite email as well- who knows, maybe if we show them enough support they might revive the game!

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