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  1. Hah, no joke! It's going to be hard getting work done with the book burning a hole in my bag all day.
  2. Are we getting any more content? I assumed since the book releases next Tuesday that this was it.
  3. So, we know that Dalinar is planning on using his bond with the Stormfather to meet with the rulers of the nations. This would, by his plans, be at the next Highstorm. This plan was presumably made prior to Shallan's confrontation with Re-Shephir. Kaladin arrived at Urithiru on the tail-end of a Highstorm. His arrival was hours after Shallan's confrontation. So... did Dalinar meet with the rulers at this last Highstorm? Considering this was the end of part 1, is it possible that one of the interludes will be the Highstorm meeting, perhaps from the PoV of one of the rulers?
  4. Hmm... I don't really follow this logic. I'm not saying it's wrong. I just don't follow it. It's not Re(verse)growth. It is re- as in, again- growth. Sure, it does heal wounds beyond what a normal body would heal, but that could simply be because it is functioning on another level, such as the Cognitive or Spiritual realm. I think the distinction between Growth and Regrowth is between the complexity of the Surge. At least, that was the impression I got from Wyndle when he commented on the ability. I will have to go into the books for descriptions of the healing, but I would think that if healed wounds are described as having new pink flesh, this would be evidence in favor of my hypothesis that Regrowth rebuilds rather than resets.
  5. I doubt the books can be restored using Growth. If I understand this correctly, Growth and Regrowth come from the Progression Surge. As the name implies, and from the examples we've seen, this seems to accelerate objects in time. Lyft turns seeds into vines and saplings into huge trees using Growth. In these examples, the objects age quickly. Healing could be described in this way as well. A wound under this Surge rapidly clots, reknits; cells quickly divide, etc. We have not seen this Surge used on inanimate objects, but I think it's safe to say that it would do similar things. Fruit would ripen/rot quickly, wine could be aged instantly, that kind of thing. My guess is that decaying books would simply turn to dust. Unless you can use the Surge in reverse. Then I suppose it could work. Is that a thing?
  6. I believe this is Roshar and the three moons. The very center of the buckle looks like a swirling tempest, which would be the planet itself, and the three gems are the moons.
  7. hmmm... I tend to agree with this. I would guess that she will treat Kaladin the way she treats Pattern-Blade. She'll have some created persona to deal with Kaladin, which will be off, and Kaladin will notice this and force a confrontation. Another thing to consider is that whatever is going on with Shallan will likely progress, and not in a good way. I am referring to her issues with facing her truths that Pattern has pointed out as well as the missing time when she made those drawings she can't remember (if it was her, which I believe it was). This could play out in any number of ways, of course, and knowing Sanderson, it will be hard to predict how. But I think most would agree that it won't be good. Either way, if Kaladin's reunion with Shallan is delayed until later in the book, this should be a factor to consider as well.
  8. I disagree with this conclusion, and here's why. Shallan builds herself on lies. Lies she lives through her alternate personas, lies she tells others, lies she tells herself. This is a key part of her strength, as it is this capacity to be elastic that allows her to be convincing in her personas. Her adventures as Veil as well as her new Radiant persona highlight this, as she is able to perform tasks that "normal Shallan" are not able to do. However, it is also her folly. Her whole story arc is centered around balancing truth and lies. Her progression as a Radiant thus far has been around being truthful to herself (and her spren). Once this is done, it appears that that it can't be reversed. Here's an example of this in Oathbringer: In the above example, we see her try to banish the uncomfortable truth, and it will not go away. Now contrast that with her reaction to the news that Kaladin killed Helaran (thanks Alderant for the quotes) So there is something important about facing these hard truths. She needs this to ground her in herself so she can truly become Radiant, and not just her fictional "Radiant." Pattern touches on this: All of this to say that she may not be happy that Kaladin was the one who killed Helaran. And it may be is almost certain that she is/will be upset that he didn't share this with her. However, if anyone can come to understand the need to hide from the truth, it is Shallan. Frankly, it would be disingenuous for her not to, considering she lied to herself about killing her own parents, and in fact lies to herself still. This is best shown in this exchange below with Pattern: When the inevitable confrontation happens, it is my prediction that it will lay the foundation for her to confront whatever it is that she is hiding from now that will help her reach her next Ideal.
  9. Now that Shallan knows that Kaladin is her brother's executioner, how do you think their relationship will play out? I am of the opinion that this will ultimately be beneficial for her, and will help her grow as a Radiant. Consequently, it will also bring them closer together. Think about how events played out for Kaladin. Essentially, he was a weapon, directed by forces beyond his control. He was a victim of circumstance, joining the army in response to his brother's conscription, fighting in pointless skirmishes, unknowing of the larger politics that led to his unfortunate confrontation with Helaran. And it is this act of killing him, against all odds, that led to his ultimate enslavement, and his Shash branding. Once Shallan is made aware of all of these nuances, I predict she will easily forgive him. Now let's examine Shallan's current perspective, and how she is reacting to the news. Mostly, she appears to be in shock. Her response is to suppress the emotions and push away the thoughts. It is premature (and this may get disproved next Tuesday), but Shallan does have a history of suppressing memories, and there might be a little of this going on here. If I am right, and she compartmentalizes this trauma, it will all come out when she finally confronts Kaladin, and may be the catalyst that helps break the walls on other repressed memories, which could help her attain her next Ideal.
  10. Well, I'm not going to count anything out at this point. Kaladin might learn to fly. We might find someone with the ability of Transportation. Heck, Taravangian might lose the Oathstone, or circumstances might bring him to the Shattered Plains. Or it could be a plot point reserved for book 3. Either way, my hope is that Szeth lives, and that he gets a shot at redemption. His PoV has shown to me that he does not like what he is or what he does. He is a slave to the possessor of his Oathstone, and I want to see what he does when allowed to make his own choices.
  11. I'm going to predict that Kaladin or someone in the main cast will discover Szeth is a puppet for the holder of his oathstone. They then will acquire it, and either use it to control Szeth or destroy it and free him (unclear if this is even how this works, but that's the fun with predictions!). No longer being a puppet, he will join the cause while trying to find redemption for the tragedy he has caused. I am hoping for this outcome, because I love it when evil characters switch sides. They always tend to be the most interesting perspectives.
  12. Well there are a couple of things wrong with taking Jasnah's word for it. First, as the topic has pointed out, she is wrong on other things (such as the origins of Honor and Cultivation coming from the spren). Second, there is the fact that the Cryptics take umbrage to the name (something that you wouldn't expect a spren to have an issue with). Third, there is the nature of their interaction with Shallan, which the root seems to be based on truth. Adding to that third point, during Shallan's second Shadesmar experience, they did not accept her true admission about Jasnah having a fake soulcaster. Her first bonding with them (not sure if that's the right term) was an admission that she was terrified, and her second bonding was an admission of what she did to her father. This lends credence to the idea that they are something like secretspren as Darkness posited. Secrets are generally a truth that is shrouded in lies, which would explain why there would be a misinterpretation.
  13. Chlehrma, I can't tell if you are agreeing with me or not. There is something very odd about the Cryptics. The fact that their interaction with Shallon is empowering based on the truths she admits gives me immediate reservations on them being attracted to lies. I doubt they would be attracted to pathological or frivolous liars. Yeah, I don't buy it. I will say that truthspren is probably too simple (and obviously not accurate, since as you said, WoB dismisses it), but liespren doesn't fit the bill either. Maybe a more complete name would be "hidden knowledgespren?" Doesn't really roll off the tongue, I'll admit, but it is more in line with what behaviors we've observed so far in the books. I wonder what this all means regarding Elhokar? Thanks for the feedback everybody... Sorry I hijacked this Jasnah thread
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