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  1. Not a Shard reference, but something I noticed along similar lines...
  2. The Black Bear is associated with the Waelish. Maybe he’s supposed to represent some Celtic/Brythonic god?
  3. Fully willing to admit that I may be reading to much into this line that precedes Sigzil expecting the figure to be Kal. But there is a theory out there that Kaladin will merge with or become the Stormfather, possible Kal's Cog Shadow replacing that of Tanavast... Could this be a hint of that? Not sure if Kal becoming a cognitive shadow and merging with the stormfather is bad vibes or good vibes, but it's certainly something.
  4. I interpreted that differently [SP3 preview and SA5 prologue spoilers]
  5. Good point, we’ve seen Odium try to make Dalinar his champion in Oathbringer then push for Kaladin in Rhythm of War. Perhaps Shallan is the new target. Though it probably doesn’t make sense for T-Odium to continue R-Odium’s machinations.
  6. This is my favorite of the interpretations of the Stormfather’s weird behavior in the SA5 Prologue. Gavilar explicitly states that the entity seems like two different ones at times, which makes me think at this point the shadow and the spren were not so entwined. By the time Dalinar is having the visions, they are - either just due to time or on purpose as a new strategy. The Last Metal spoilers
  7. Truthwatchers. Shallan’s Truths. Szeth as Truthless. Entirely possible that the title refers to any or all of these.
  8. “He has made the decision of Honor” reminded me of this death rattle… So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life... —Observed circa Ishi 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was King Valam of Jah Keved.[46]
  9. It feels clunky, but really won’t affect my enjoyment of the story. Kinda makes sense for Kal and Szeth’s buddy cop adventure in Shinovar.
  10. What would you call this metal… “adonalsiumium” ?
  11. In my mind, Harmony and Discord are two possible states of the combination of Ruin + Preservation. Harmony being an unstable equilibrium, like a ball at the apex of a hill - if Sazed moves too much or too suddenly, the ball tips off and rolls down. Discord being a stable equilibrium, like a ball sitting in a valley - it will take a lot of work and energy to return to Harmony. This of course is just my interpretation. Excited to learn more in Era 3.
  12. Discovering them drained fuels the conflict between the north and south. Stoking the Cold War could lead to great leaps forward militarily and technologically for Scadrial. Perhaps Harmony is gambling - told his Kandra to drain the bands to hopefully force Scadrial into arming against Autonomy’s attack.
  13. TenSoon’s reaction when the Bands are empty Wayne fighting his doppelgänger
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