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  1. What would happen if at the beginning of the first era in mistborn, Calamity appeared overhead in the sky and 1-2 years later ( I forget the exact time, it is in the reckoners book 1) random people in scadrial started to turn into epics. Anyone wanna speculate?
  2. Yes like vin the fullborn can mistburn all of them. I also added the poll.
  3. but a fullborn could simply store duralium connection to become unfindable correct? or is that not how it works.
  4. but how would one go about killing the fullborn (forgive me for my ignorance I've only read the first book in the stormlight archive)
  5. This is 2.0 since there is already a topic about this but I wanted to ask again and make some changes This is assuming that the fullborn has infinite access to all the 16 metals plus atium and they can mist burn all of them. The 5th ideal windrunner has access to infinite stormlight.
  6. YAY! what do I get with the points?
  7. It's an acronym for Lu-lu-skip-to-my-lu. Thats what you said, did I get it right??
  8. Cool cant place who they are though 10/10 also this thread is getting big.... madness.
  9. Is anyone else starting to wonder how tlr died? I had no idea how strong these guys were. Ok do we know what would happen if you duralium burned atium? I feel like that would be a lot of power.
  10. No they were totally different The lotr movies are way better its not worth watching the rings of power.
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