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  1. prove me wrong On page 120 of words of radiance shallan takes in so much stormlight that the gemstones break, my theory as to why this happened is that she pulled so much that it created a vacuum of investiture and when investiture came crashing back in the gemstones broke. I think this could be of interest to the cosmere as a whole if investiture vacuums can be made.
  2. I think it would act similarly to something like the straw they used because even though it was dried out and should've broken it doesn't. Also, with telling a log to split itself it probably would make it start but from my understanding when something that's awakened gets harmed enough it stops functioning.
  3. I do not think it's possible but what might happen if it were possible would be that the body is restored to it's normal condition regardless of whether it's lifeless or not.
  4. I think that the aluminum would stop nightblood from drawing investiture from the user and might be slightly weaker because it doesn't have the investiture from the user to help power it.
  5. The power levels are not equal. In the stormlight archive as someone progresses through their oaths and becomes more experienced, they need less and less stormlight to sustain themselves. An honorblade requires a lot of stormlight and uses it very quickly as noted by Sylphrena.
  6. because of quote 1 from returned I believe that it would make it so that they swore the oaths but and would give possibly give them the extra power but quotes 2 and 3 I don't think it would give them shards.
  7. I think it would make little to no change because bracers and similar items neither disrupt nor assist a twinborn.
  8. If they were to become a shard it would depend on if becoming one would break their oaths or not, if it doesn't break their oaths then I assume that because they have a bond and share power and sentience to a degree the spren would become something similar to a lesser shard. If becoming a shard would break their oaths then the spren would either die or become something similar to an unmade or twisted spren.
  9. I would assume not because in the cosmere it appears as though the cognitive realm is where you actually think and the brain is there to make your body work and have the cognitive realm work through it so your cognitive aspect would not grow and as shown with the mistwraith when they get extra body parts or brains it doesn't make the smarter whatsoever.
  10. I wouldn't think that Nightblood could just because of the fact that he absorbs investiture and we don't know about anything else it consumes. We would also need to know more about anti-investiture which will probably be in stormlight book 5.
  11. I do not believe this to be true because nightblood acts more like a battery than anything else. In the coppermind it says on the topic of anti investiture two things one is that the only known anti investiture is anti stormlight and anti voidlight, my second point is that the coppermind also says that anti investiture reacting with investiture would destroy both. Now I can see where you're coming from I used to theorize about this but nightblood acts more like a battery and when it gains enough investiture it is sated and will use that energy to destroy evil. I think it becomes hungry when outside because it no longer has as much investiture supporting it's consciousness which is necessary for it to function and destroy evil.
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