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  1. I don't know if anyone is still here, but I remember this series well. It was actually what got me into fantasy and was one of the inspirations to the books I am writing. It's my dream to either revive this franchise one day with Lego, or at the least recapture the awesome feels this series had. You will never find anything like the Great Beings or the Order of Mata Nui anywhere else, and its a shame that nobody has tried to draw on for their own series yet. So, if any you guys are still here and wanna talk Bionicle, I'll be waiting right here.
  2. Yeah, this is off the bumper of my process. I start with character and situations long before I start a world to put it all in, well except for my main series. Which is pretty much a pile of throbbing, living notes, but this is a good start. I mean Jim Butcher took Pokemon and The Lost Roman Legion to make his Codex Alera series, which was on a dare. So just jump in, go nuts, and write what you love. I got some critters in my world that sound suspiciously like Spren on paper, but they're entities of an entirely different sort, acting more like Mini-cons and tape-bots from Transformers and the AI from Red vs Blue, becuase those my two favorite shows of all time. So if it`s kinda Cosmere, let it be kinda Cosmere. I've gotten over the fear of making worlds by just letting it sound like one author until I find a few other things to merge it with.
  3. I could have sworn it was this guy playing here.
  4. Well there`s a couple of ways. You can wait for the upcoming collected edition with all 3 volumes, spend as long as I have been on ebay and other sites, or you can find an online variation. That's how I read the series, off a website called ReadComicOnline.li. So there`s that.
  5. Is this really true? Where did he say it? In his newsletter? Or was it on his podcast? Sorry, for some many questions, just little excited. Maybe a lot.
  6. Haven't started Stormlight yet. I'm starting Elantris at present.
  7. So I read the comics, and I gotta know: How Do I Get My Hands On The Prose Version?!
  8. Hey, just signed up. Started with White Sand last year. Finished it last month. So, there's that. I'm writing my own fantasy novel too, I joined after I learned about the rest of the Cosmere and have resolved to start it along with the six other major series I am reading in alternating turns. From what I've seen in White Sand, I can't wait to see how this carries over into prose.
  9. I thought he was the guy on the boat. You know, singing the sea shanties at the end of Vol. 3?
  10. Hey, I'm new here. Been writing for a year now...off and on...as the semesters rise and ebb at least. I'm a quarter way through my first novel, so yay? I've started reading the Cosmere after hearing so much about it. Actually, it was that weird shared system in its magic that brought me to it. Investiture? Anyhow, one guy i was taking advice about magic systems brought it up again and again, so I looked into it. I was in the middle of The Dark Tower books so I wasn't ready to commit to another series of novels yet I started White Sand last year and I was hooked. Took me whole year to find all three volumes, but hey I've finished it as of last month and have moved Elantris into my TBR rotation. I hope this series can help. Also, anyone know how to pace without an outline here? cause I'm kinda lost. btw, call me Leonard.
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