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  1. I'd think so. It's still Investiture. But the severity of this connection problem depends on how the Radiants managed to solve theirs. Like, do you just put whatever you want to transport into an aluminum box and all is well? Or did they need to fudge their connection specifically? If it's the latter, this could be a bigger problem.
  2. Yes, he is. He knew I would enjoy it but came to the (right) conclusion that I would never pick it up on my own. And I think had I been confronted with SA without the guilt of "my friend is waiting for me to finish this book", I wouldn't have made it past the first hundred pages or so. I'm a pretty fast reader but my attention span for stuff I'm not completely immersed in is pretty short.
  3. A bit of (maybe unnecessary) context first: In 6th grade, there was this guy in my friend group who started to sit next to me on our ride to school. I had the privilege to get on the bus at the first stop, whereas my friends got in at the same time as everyone else. They had to fight for their seats or else they would stand for the next 20-30 minutes. So I made a vow to use my backpack to hold free one seat for them because blocking enough for all of them would have been rude and would have meant a great deal of contortion on my side. But this vow also included not to discriminate against any of them, so whoever was first at my seat would get it. I didn't tell them that to keep it fair and not make it a competition. This unfortunately had the effect that aforementioned guy just needed to get the seat first for about the first one or two weeks until the others decided that this was his spot. We didn't really know what to talk about but somehow came to the topic of books. I found out he liked to read as well and we pretty much just talked about that. Then he got to read SA and he tried for I think half a year to get me to read it. You must know, the harsher someone tries to get me to try something, the more will I avoid this exact thing. So he fought a losing battle. Until he one day got into his seat and just... handed me WoK with the words "You will read this." and after another two months, he successfully had guilted me into doing it. I devoured everything Sanderson he had in one vacation. And yes, inbetween all of this, he became my best friend. TL;DR: A guy I vaguely knew slowly guilted me into reading WoK and became my best friend along the way.
  4. That is exactly what I think. The image of Marsh somehow got so much intertwined with the concept/spiritual ideal of Death that people on other planets get influenced by it. I mean, we found out in TLM that Marsh literally is Death sometimes - meaning that he has brought people's souls on their way to the Beyond. Imo, it is pretty believable that this plus his worshipers could have that strong of an effect if you give it enough time.
  5. How about you also have weight medallions so you can drop at will? That could be really interesting.
  6. An A-Electrum F-Zinc Twinborn could be pretty powerful in any type of multi-person game. Like, they could see where they'll get tackled in Football and change their path accordingly. Yes, it feels like they would have a power disadvantage but if the amount of investiture they get would scale accordingly, it could be a fair-ish fight nevertheless.
  7. Inspired by this post on Reddit by u/Riktrmai. Suppose we have a time in the future where all of the (relevant) shardworlds know of each other and decide for whatever reason that they need to make a cosmere-wide sports competition. In honor of the Reddit post, maybe they could be called "The Elantric Games" or just "The Elantrics". The Elantrians could act as referees, since they are so immensely powerful. I just want to get the ball rolling on this. What games are getting played? For the sake of convenience, I'm assuming that earth sports somehow developed since we haven't really gotten much in this regard. But if you have any good ideas what Cosmere sports could look like, feel free to share. Connecting this with the different Invested Arts people have access to will become difficult. You could say people have access to an amount of Investiture proportional to their power's impact on the game. So a Windrunner for example would maybe have enough stormlight for one or two lashings, kinda like a finisher move. That could be interesting. And like I already said on Reddit: Rosharans would crush at basketball. (If they aren't crushed by Sel's gravity first ;P)
  8. Yeah, I know. I just want it to do something more than the sand, because I have made it pretty available to my players. But I like the thought of bronze not only detecting investiture but also being able to distinguish between different forms of Inv when in close proximity. That is something that is different enough to sand and bronze Allomancy (because it is easier to distinguish but also has a much smaller radius) that I like it. How about it negating one's access to foreign investiture? That wouldn't make it a CogShad-Killer but it would prevent the Use of allomancy and feruchemy. And compounding. That could come in handy. That would make it more or less a medallion with extra death. But if the User could copy someone's Connections to gain access to someone else's Invested art, that could be interesting. I know that I'm hovering on the edge of what Brandon would allow, but storm it, it's cool.
  9. First of all: I really like the direction you're thinking in. Thanks for all the interesting questions, I had much fun thinking of an answer No, they are not savy with the metallic arts, although I fear a few of them might break stuff once they are. I have decided that natural compounders are not possible because reasons and they have just now seen a hemalurgically created compounder while still not knowing what Hemalurgy is. Not much, although we are playing in the present. Since it's an invested art most people only get knowledge in their last moments of through slight nudging by Gratitude (its shard) if people die happily. That plus people need to be in reach of a viable metal. And even if people have met all of these requirements, they can't get many strong effects, since not many people die contently while burning metals. What little aurospiric effects are present today could also be attributed to Luck or better genetics, since they mostly are necklaces, braces and so on that are inherited from the people they were invested by. But in rural areas, there definitely are people who think their "good luck charm" is more than just that. Yes, but there would be complications. If the feruchemist had "bonded" the object, i.e had gotten access to its effect, investing it via feruchemy would slowly drain the storage while temporarily boosting the object's effect. Yes, there needs to be personal intent. That's part of the reason it is mostly unknown today. People don't learn of it naturally and the only people Gratitude is willing to give a hint are people in their last moments. Imagine this: You are slowly dying and suddenly you get the feeling that a. these are your last breaths, you will be dead in a few moments but b. you can still help your family by giving them a magical object. That's how I justify it as coming from a Shard named Gratitude: The people who are predominantly using it are people who are grateful for their life, their friends and their family and get a chance to pay it back in a way that doesn't really affect them. I think I already mentioned this. If an invested person is performing Aurospiry, the resulting object will be more powerful since less of their spiritweb needed to be converted into raw investiture in the process. They can fuel the transfer at least partly via the Investiture they get by burning metals. Didn't think of this, but I feel like it would be like with spren whose Radiant got their Bond spiked out of them: The Object turned spike can refuse the process (i.e break the bond) on its own if it is invested enough. Plus, I don't think you could use the object as a spike in the first place, since Aurospiry and Hemalurgy use different metals for different parts of the SW. Turning an object into a spike by spiking smth out of someone would likely not be of much use either, since the different identities inside the spike would clash. Yes. Just yes. Interesting idea, though I also have introduced white Sand, which more or less is exactly that, only on a smaller radius I imagine. Tried to think of a better one but failed. I have to say I like the first one more, though if I had a better effect of Iron and Steel, I'd choose the second one in a heartbeat. It feels like theireffects combined. So many interesting possibilities though! Interesting idea. I could see the possibility of it being more specific the more invested it is. Like, if the lord Ruler had Invested it while tapping and burning everything at once, its user could be able to choose what/who ages and how quickly. I think you just gave me the perfect idea for a big bad! I could see it doing both. If someone invested it, it could work by slightly boosting aspects just like you said and also just granting the effects of an metal it was alloyed with without a person needing to die for it.
  10. I don't think she'd be able to. They are now - at least concerning pure power - on one power level. Yes, she has tens of thousands of years more practice, but I don't think previously established Connections can be exploited between Shards in that way. That'd make it a bit too easy, I think. If she ever had that much power over Taravangian's mental state, I would say that becoming a Shard that mostly resides in the Spiritual would make it rather easy to make this Connection powerless/not as abusable.
  11. Hi! ^^ I'm currently planning for a TTRPG-Campaign where I plucked my favorite things from the Cosmere and smash them all together on an alternate earth. "What would have happened if humanity had discovered magic around the 1860's?" is the premise. And where there is an invested Art, there are Shards. In my setting, there are three shards on Earth, two of which have created Allomancy and Hemalurgy. The third one made "Aurospiry", the new metallic Art I'm inventing. As a result of the Allomancy shard splintering themself, Allomancy has mixed with the two other Magics to create Feruchemy and another, 5th magic system, which I won't get further into now. So, Aurospiry: Basically, people can "embed" part of their spiritweb into specific metals, which creates metals that have some kind of wacky effect based on what part of their spiritweb is being embedded. Sadly, this needs much investiture, so the rest of their spiritweb is converted; fueling the transfer in the process. Invested individuals can put more into an object because not as much of their soul needs to be converted. And the more invested a person is, the more will the object keep their personality. This is not a way of making full cognitive shadows, as only the personality is transferred on top of the magic effect, not their memories and such. What part of the soul can be transferred - and therefore also the effect - is determined by the kind of metal that is being used. That's the gist of it. I wanted the effects to be similar to the other metallic arts but when I tried, I ended up making a bunch of stuff that already could have been achieved way easier with Medallions. Like "Makes the Wearer stronger" and so on. So if you get any ideas what some metals could do, please share them, I'd be happy to read your replies Edit: Thought of some and I thought it might be useful to get a feeling of what I am looking for: Iron: Gains the ability to change its weight. Steel: Gains the ability to change its form. Gold: Can heal itself and other metal objects. Electrum: Can show future possibilities on its surface Tungsten (a custom addition to the table): shows simple ideas (as in pictures). If the bond's strong enough, these pictures can be projected outward as illusions Narkital (a tungsten alloy I made up): Reacts to emotions in the vicinity Aluminum: Inherits a perfect copy of the dead person, nothing else Cadmium: Gives the wearer the ability to perfectly focus on one task. Chromium: Strenghtens the wearer's gut instinct (as in it heightens their fortune). Nicrosil: consumes sources of investiture it is touching to strenghten the wearer's invested arts Tin: more or less gives heightenings proportional to the investiture originally put into it. But only up to the 4th.
  12. Like, they are not aware that that's a possibility?
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