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  1. @Sorana I am looking over the forum! I am currently looking into defining my character.
  2. @Sorana Thank you! Honestly, i hadn't expected this many upvotes right after joining. I am quote giddy about it all. I will definitely check out more of Alleyverse! Hopefully i won't completely be bad at it. ( @Ark1002)
  3. @robardin thanks for the explanation! It's clearer now. I need another thorough reread, i still mix up the facts.
  4. @Bigmikey357 I recall three: skybreakers, lightweavers and windrunners
  5. Thank you! it makes sense now! I was actually reluctant to fill it in in my profile.
  6. I felt there was something off about that Actually, when i read your reply the first time, my brain didn't register the greeting part. Sorry, but I would hold on to my breath for now, being a Drab didn't seem like fun. Thank you for the upvotes! I am currently trying to figure out how the ranks work here, but i haven't found a descriptive progression system wriiten yet. Do you know if that's really intended? (i feel like it is....)
  7. Nice to meet you, @Cadmium Compounder "You see, the great thing about madness is that it's all in your head." (i hope this qualifies as a proper greeting :D) I don't really have much of an online activity, but i usually stay up-to-date with the political reality around here (more like almost decent politicians vs political mafia), browse imgur & reddit on occasion, lookup speculations and theories. I also play some diablo3 from time to time. I do however play D&D at least once a month, and my role-playing skills evolve there. I also try to write some stuff, but i can't fully bring nyself to meet my weekly writing quota yet. My favorite book so far of Sanderson's is Oathbringer, followed by Sixth of the Dusk short story (looking forward to First of the Sun books ). I'd definitely choose to be an Awakener of the 5th heightening! World more alive with colors and perfect pitch works better for me than compounding.
  8. It could be possible he was reffering to a yet unknown member of the Ghostbloods. For what we, as readers, know, our best guess is Kaladin. I don't remember whether Heralan was a member of the Ghostbloods as well as Skybreakers. From what i read, the Ghostbloods are not sided with Odium. Iyatil was most likely sent after Amaram due to his siding with Odium.
  9. Hi! I'm Kyianix. I don't know exactly what to say... I'm a cosmere fan, just finished arcanum unbound. Looking forward to delve in the remaining cosmere i have left to read - mistborn era 2 and white sands. I have discovered 17th shard a few mere weeks ago. Since i was introduced to Sanderson's cosmere a while back i devoured in my free time all cosmere books i could get my hands on available around here (somewhere in Eastern Europe), in English (thanks Gollancz!)
  10. Hi! Could it be also that Rock had bonded with a spren in his past, before arriving at the Shattered plains? Him lying/being secretive also fits with the Truthwatchers.
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