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  1. Hey, happy birthday, Sun! Hope things are going well :D 

  2. I saw the inspirobot memes and thought, why not, lets try it and now yeah this happened.
  3. With the action now mostly over, Jacien is now thoroughly fed up with the situation. From what he could gather, there had been some sort of violence involving the man who had been accused of murder, and he had attacked the ghostbloods. Auri curled up his leg and onto his arm. "We should just leave. The place looks pretty ruined, and we don't know all the information." Jacien nodded, then turned to leave, sheathing his shortswords and walking out of the ruined tavern.
  4. I've used the division surge. It is much fun.
  5. Yeah, thought so. If I could, I would just get rid of the division thing since I just want him to be a third ideal edgedancer, without making an entirely new person, but nightwatcher boons and banes sadly don't change. Any ideas on how that could possibly happen anybody?
  6. Storm it, Jacien thought, now thoroughly confused, but also convinced there was a murder involved somewhere. He reached into his pack, pulling out something he hand't needed to use since he left, his dual swords. Crafted to resemble shardblades, one emblazoned with the Edgedancer glyph, the other with the division glyph. He pulled them out, and cut the roots off of the other who had been caught.
  7. In that case, his score will be way too high.
  8. "Jacien." He replied, still on guard. "Don't worry about those. I'll let you all out, soon as I figure out exactly what is going on. So, why exactly are you attacking this man?" @Sorana
  9. Jacien's gaze locked onto the person indicated. He wasn't sure what to make of this. He had no evidence that what this woman said was true, there were a lot of people more than willing to lie and deceive to get what they want in the alleyverse, but if she was telling the truth it would probably be best to stop them. He decided on a middle route, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a handful of seeds. He inhaled sharply, drawing in more stormlight, he would need it. He stepped forward, infusing the seeds with stormlight and flinging them across the floor at the feet of both of the individuals. The seeds sprouted and roots grew rapidly, pushing their way through the room, working their way between floorboards and around the two people. Having expended all his stormlight, sucked in some more. His reserves were running low, he would need to find some more infused spheres soon.
  10. OK. Thanks! Just to clarify, he only doesn't use his division in combat. Progression and abrasion still are.
  11. Jacien nodded back numbly. Less than a day back and he had already stumbled into a fight, and he had no idea who to help or who to fight. He made his way in, breathing in a tiny bit of stormlight, just in case, and decided to wait, ready to heal anyone who fell.
  12. Jacien walked down the street. He had heard about a new tavern that had poked up after the old Odd Job Tavern had met its demise, and figured it would be a good enough place to get a place to stay as any. That is, until he could find more permanent lodging. The place was called The Bleeding Spike. That didn't sound all that friendly. He rounded a corner and looked over the building appraisingly. At first glance, it seemed a nice enough place-that is until you looked down at the splattered red paint on the front door, declaring the tavern's name. Jacien sighed and stepped up to the door, pushing it open, and was welcomed by the sight of full scale fight on his hands.
  13. Revised Jacien, now Third Ideal Edgedancer, no longer uses Division in combat (only for things like making pretty engravings and such, or convenience if he locks himself out of his house again) and has a better handle on his Nightwatcher Curse. Unless something has changes largely about Radiants since I last was here, this should still be good. EDIT: I just realized I double posted. Sorry! Didn't mean to! EDIT #2: Hello? its been a while and no one has responded. Is this good?
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