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  1. Assuming this theory holds true: Could this be the origin of the afterlife mythos on Roshar? That those who serve with distinction (i.e. the KR) are sent to the Tranqualine Halls (i.e. Braize) to help retake it from the Voidbringers.
  2. Maybe we can convince Hayao Miyazaki to spend his retirement animating the whole thing.... In fact, just get Studio Ghibli to do it full stop! I would definitely watch that.
  3. Personally I think, 3 - Sadeas 4 - Elhokar 5 - Gavilar Although I agree that one of the Parshendi would be an interetsing perspective.
  4. Anyone else think it is significant that the Everstorm didn't recharge Kaladin's gems?
  5. Will not be in London, but fortunately he will also be at Waterstones in Liverpool on the 5th and I am definitely going to that! Should be super awesome!
  6. This might mot be such a problem as you think. The war camps are located in circular depressions / craters at the shattered plains so may be moderately protected from the west just as much as from the east. Plus all the cultivated plants have built in highstorm defences naturally. I think Sebarial will be fine.
  7. I should be ok for the 19th (so long as my wife will sign the day release paperwork that is ) Can get the morning train down on Sat and back on Sun. As for location, anywhere that we can drink and dine is cool with me.
  8. But lifeless do not really communicate and Returned have no memory of their previous life. Therefore I doubt Szeth is any kind of Nathian entity. I think Nalan is probably telling the truth. He brought Szeth back from the brink of death with the use of a fabrial, probably similar to that used n the Starfalls vision.
  9. I think what I would most like to see is a scenario which puts Jansah completely and hopelessly out of her depth and comfort zone in some way, forcing her to place reliance on the judgement, promises and actions of someone else (preferably a man). I think that would be an excellent exploration of her character and give opportunity for growth. In fact if she does any kind of significant travel with Wit and encounters some of the people after him, that may well be what she gets. I agree that relationships do not have to be romantic to be meaningful, though.
  10. I think in some ways, a main character without a relationship of some sort is a weaker character (unkess the point is to explore why they have no close relationships). Humans are social creatures and we all, to some extent define ourselves by our relationships with others. Since Jasnah is pretty much a fully formed Radiant in terms of power and knowledge there are only a few areas her character can develop. The most obvious and ,I think, interesting one is her clear lack of expertise in forming relationships with others. I always got the impression that Jasnah was totally brilliant and determined but lonely. She feels that she cannot trust or open up to anyone (even her mother) and has a very suspicious streak similar to her brother. There are also obvious hints that she has some issues with men which seem to stem from some form of abuse in her childhood (although this is purely speculative based on the thug scene from tWoK). I think developing a close relationship (although not necessarily romantic) is the only real way Jasnah can develop as a character in the coming books. I can certainly imagine a scenario where things almost fall apart because she refuses to trust and open up to someone. In fact, the implication from the epilogue of WoR is that in her search for knowledge and over reliance on herself has led to her missing key events in the world and is now playing catch up.
  11. An interesting analysis although I, like other, think you are ascribing too much separation between Syl and Kaladin. It seems to me that Syl is, for al intents and purposes, Kaladin's conscience and so articulates herself as such. I disagree almost entirely that her concern for Kaladin is gone, just that his conflicts are much more internal, human and complicated and she is only capable of limited understanding. She basically tells Kaladin to 'Buck up' and 'get over it' because she does not understand the mental illness that Kaladin is experiencing. I think it is a bit like apparent who can see their teenage child making bad decisions but feeling unable to adequately intervene without making the problem somehow worse.
  12. I am uk and think a meet up would be great! I live in the north west and am quite old by the standards of other posters it seems (32). when the collevtive decide date and venue I will let you know if I can make it.
  13. Also, I Szeth was somehow compelled magically by his oathstone, I do think not Nalan / Darkness / Nin would be anywhere near as interested in him. So no spren for Szeth...yet. That is not to say that he will not get one in the future. Dalinar has murdered far more people in his life that Szeth has (probably) and stiull managed to bond the Stormfather himself. If Szeth truly embraces his new life in the pursuit of Justice then I think he has every chance of becoming a Skybreaker in truth.
  14. I think a broader question is how is Szeth going to use Nightblood anyway since his ability to infuse himself with Stormlight was granted by the Honorblade, which he no longer possesses. Presumably Szeth can no longer Surgebind or infuse himself with Stormlight. I can only suppose that Nightblood must be able to suck Stormlight into itself directly from gems (and possibly other surgebinders) bypassing that requirement. This would mean that the fights between Szeth and the other Shin honorblade holders will be reduced to just swordfights.
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