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  1. Welcome welcome! So good to have another fanspren in the neighborhood
  2. Okay so I admit it. I’m technically not new, however I have been on hiatus for like 2.5 years. So I thought I’d reintroduce myself! Glad to be back!
  3. I live again! My hiatus is over and I have returned!

  4. So, hey, I'm not dead. Ahem. Ah. Anyway. I've been wondering a while, and I'm no physicist so I have no idea where to begin, but I was wondering how y'all thought that the surge of Transformation would be affected by a knowledge of molecular or nuclear physics? Do you think that using said surge would be easier or more difficult? Idk, I'm kinda just rambling, but anyway, yeah.
  5. I'll be honest I definitely imagine something very Parisian, maybe a touch of Polka
  6. So I was wondering what styles of music y'all thought that Hallendren would have? I was thinking Dixieland and prohibition era jazz. Along with Parisian and Baroque musics in The Court of the Gods.
  7. I am new to Arcanum and was wondering how crediting people works because I was just going to go through and transcribe a ton in numerical order but I also want to credit people. Do people come in and credit themselves? Thanks!
  8. Shallan's Ward

    Hoid in Drag

    Hey Guys! So I've been laboring on this for 5 hours on and off and have finally done it, I present Hoid in drag no horse sorry ben. So, up in the corner is women's script and that reads "Hoid" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is what happens when I get bored I guess.
  9. My brother and I are on the train and should be there within the next 45 minutes or so
  10. I don't know how many of you have been to Seattle, but if you're coming from the south and don't want to brave Seattle Traffic, there is a light rail station in SeaTac (Angle Lake Station) that goes all the way to the University of Washington. That station is about a 15 minute walk from the signing it's about six and a half dollars round-trip, there's free parking right next door and I think It's a forty-five minute ride by train. Train station website: My brother and I will be taking the train that day. Cause I don't want to have to deal with Seattle I don't know if that helps anyone.
  11. Welcome to our neck of the internet! You won't have to worry, there are plenty of giant nerds around here. I may or may not be one.;)
  12. Granted, unfortunately now you spend the rest of your life stuck to the ceiling. I wish for a bright future for the world.
  13. When you drop everything on your schedule at the first hint of a signing and start researching and compiling questions to ask Brandon in the brief time you have.
  14. Hmm... If I had access to stormlight I would absolutely opt for being a Lightweaver. For many reasons: I, just like the Cyptics, am obsessed with the difference between truth and fiction, I love to tell stories (some are taller than others), and am musically inclined. Additionally I have been told I am fairly self aware, so there's that. But on Earth? I would most likely opt for either Feruchemy or Allomancy, simply because they would be the most useful. (I mean I would ace college as a fullborn) though awakening would be cool for a wow factor.
  15. Granted But the universe explodes and leaves nothing left. I wish to be a Shard of Adonalsium.
  16. Whew, I walk away for a day. So allow me to make some clarifications: when I'm talking about spren I am talking about firespren, windspren, honorspren, etc. And when I said shardspren and investiturespren, I meant those as examples of realmatic things. Basically realmatic things getting spren. –\_シ_/–
  17. Granted, but upon witnessing this event you are doomed to life of boredom, nothing even remotely exciting ever happens in your presence and you cannot hear or read of anything interesting. I wish to be the last living creature in the Cosmere to pass into the Beyond.
  18. I've been pondering over the nature of spren recently and have come to this question/theory that I would like to propose. We know that the races of spren are not finite in number and new ones can come into existence. We know that spren come into existence because men think of a concept as alive, giving loose investiture life, though I cannot find a wob on this after searching. My question/theory (hypothetically speaking) is that if all of Roshar became Cosmere-aware would spren such as investiturespren and and Shardspren (as in the shards in general) eventually develop? What do the great minds of the shard think?
  19. Like I said in the other post, I plan on showing up 1 to 2 hours early. 1 hour if no one is able or willing to show up two hours early, this is so I can get myself and any equipment set up. (Assuming they let me in early lol) But I will show up two hours early if there are folks who can also do so: this would be so we could chat and hangout.
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