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  1. Hello, I recently joined discord and I don't know how to find the 17th shard discord group...would someone please post a link or an invite so I can join in there too?!?
  2. Is there a general meet up for the con? I'm heading there this year and wouldn't mind meeting some new Sanderson fans. Also I haven't read any of the released preview chapters, I should I do think before the convention so I don't accidentally get spoiled walking around and accidentally over hearing someone talking...
  3. Hi I've signed up for the full year of Sanderson. I'm thinking I'd like to craft a junk/treasure journal for all the fun things that'll be coming our way. Definitely hoping to find some used Sanderson novels I can use for various projects inside the journal. I would love to see if anyone else here is thinking about doing this... FYI: it's basically scrapbooking but you create a journal and I try to use items that are free or cheap at thrift stores.
  4. Hello, Now that the Kickstarter is over, I've decided to attend the convention in November. I'd like a recommendation on a hotel that I can walk from to the convention center. The closer to the convention center is better or easy access. I am legally blind and my biggest problem is I can't drive and tripping over things I can't see when I walk. Rather not walk across any busy traffic areas. I'll be looking online for hotels as well but thought there might be someone with some familiarity here that could be useful. Anyway, I'm getting excited and if I can get everything lined up. I'm attending.
  5. Honestly, while I definitely have ones I like less than others I tend to view the novels as whole series...or all the Cosmere. LoL so all of it, except I do have a list of ones I don't like as much or I don't think are as good to reread (as much as MBEra1 is an awesome read, it's less fun on rereads. Era 2 is much better on re-reads) Same with characters, especially since they certainly evolve over time in the Cosmere. But Hoid/Wit is definitely one I like finding in the novels. It's like where's waldo but Cosmere edition.
  6. Hi, Just introducing myself. I've been reading Sanderson for years. My first book was tWoK, then WoR, then OB. I didn't read anything else because I wasn't Cosmere aware. I could tell that OB had a character that had a bigger backstory than what was in the book. Then I read Mistborn era 1, then Era 2 etc all of those I read without realizing there was a connection. Then I joined a FB group, and boom my mind was blown. I've done at least two/three rereads of all the Cosmere books so far. Anyway, obvious with the KS I'm really excited. Plus I can tell that we're finally getting to the Cosmere aware books. Exciting. Personal information: 40 something mom of two. My kids are 13 & 15...my 15 yr old is total bookwyrm but while she's read some of Sanderson's non Cosmere books hasn't wanted to read the Cosmere yet. I mainly use audiobooks nowadays cause of my vision issues but I really like it better for a variety of reasons. Anyway I look forward to digging into the Cosmere with fellow fans And that KS was a surprise and not a surprise. I always figured that Sanderson was writing more during the pandemic. I totally thought maybe he'd finish something earlier but 4/5 new books!
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