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  1. There is (effectively) a human-dog hybrid, found in Shadows of Self: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Hemalurgic_chimera. While I don't recall there being the presence of actual dog, the human is deformed enough to be very dog-like (similar to a werewolf)
  2. @Overlord Jebus and @ChaosI finished Skyward a couple days ago and while I was happy with the ending I did share some of these feelings. But then I read DE and now take all of those feelings back. There's huge backstory there and mentally filling in the gaps between DE and Skyward that would have resulting in a planet like Detrius is fascinating. At this point, I wouldn't be at all disappointed to never see that expansion/war period spelled out explicitly -- although getting those stories would be a nice bonus.
  3. @Caevita lol "non-M-bot side character" -- you know your audience. He definitely was my favorite. But to answer your question... Probably Jerkface, with Cobb in #3 and The Saint (real or made up) #4. @Kingsdaughter613, what is that algorithm? I just finished DE and don't recall that reference. @Caevita back to the OP, I just finished DE (and Skyward a couple days ago) and didn't make that connection with Gran-Gran and Cyto till now! Thank you for pointing that out. Agreed, she definitely has some Sense. Now I'm really eager to see if we see more of that. I'm also curious to see if Brandon is going to push DE in a year or two so more Skyward readers notice it. It provided a lot more context for Skyward than I'd expected.
  4. @kaellok and @Green Hoodie MistbornAgreed the feeling of those eyes is very different from Jason's emptiness - but I'd chalk that up to be alien "watchers" keeping an eye out for Human cytos*. The hate may be a logical form of defense now - if humans re-learn Cyto, the aliens need to change their prison tactics. *The aliens may also be watching for other races to pop up, a bit more warily than they had in the past, due to the human's example
  5. @Stark that was me! The question came to me just last week as I was listening to the Sharcast episode on the Missing Shardblades. In all of the outcomes the group hypothesized, they all included the assumption that all of the abandoned blades actually stayed in the Physical Realm as blades. My thought was perhaps only a portion of the abandoned spren were stuck as blades while others fully died/disappeared. Brandon confirmed their assumption - all of the spren were stuck as blades.
  6. @ArgentI started to do this but then noticed, when I stepped in to edit @Chaos's snippets that he'd already transcribed some - but they're not appearing in the Entries list yet. This is my first time offering to help - can you give some orientation on how this process works? Thanks!
  7. @Ruin's Scariest Koloss Cool! Let me know if you'd like to meet up - I think I'll grab dinner at the Chipotle across the street ~6 PM.
  8. Such a long drive, hat's off to you two! I'm in the Peninsula and many of my Sanderson-fan-friends are passing because it's in East Bay. Oh well! I'm hoping the crowd tonight isn't as huge as last year's Oathbringer signing. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  9. @Chaos after hearing hundreds of hours of your voice on the podcast, I hope you're able to make it! Would love to meet. Q for you (both): How many Qs does Brandon usually entertain in the 1-1 setting? I have a rather long list... :-D Or does it really just depend on the hour and his stamina at the time?
  10. Dude, well done. This was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing your other videos!
  11. At first I was disappointed to hear that The Lost Metal may be slipping back in Brandon's writing schedule (he'd hoped to squeeze it in end of 2018 but that doesn't look likely at this point). But I was just reminded that Era 2 takes place after Stormlight - so with that perspective it makes perfect sense for SA to take precedence. But then it begs the question, why write Era 2 at all now? Did he simply not want to wait a decade plus before writing a follow-up to the hugely successful Era 1 books?
  12. There's a debate in this one about "cognitive realm" vs "shadesmar" as the cosmere standard. I'm actually not at all surprised - regardless of the origins (yeah, maybe elantrians accessed it earlier than rosharans, idk), it's a fitting name. Literally "sea of shades", so maybe once everyone heard that it just stuck because it was simple and evocative.
  13. @thegatorgirl00@thegatorgirl00 suggested that perhaps Ingenuity resides in silver light. Given Khriss's reaction to kelsier when she found out that he'd directly interacted with Leras, I don't think that's likely. She seemed awed that he'd spoken directly with a shard.
  14. I agree with what many have said that I don't see Odium as the long-term big-bad, like others, I'm not even convinced there is a big bad in the grand scheme. One thing I recently noticed is that all of the protagonists seem to be on Hoid's side, whatever that means. Perhaps that's one side of the conflict, and the other are those who simply oppose his plan, whatever it is. In such a conflict, I don't think either side is necessarily good or evil.
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