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  1. Hoid is antagonistic to the 17th Shard, because they don't like how much he interferes
  2. I don't think Brandon ever got into the nitty-gritty of how they actually breed, never seemed like his sort of thing to write about. NO MATING!!!
  3. Sorry I apologise I didn't read fully, they have a lifespan of 50 years and can breed. This is from a WOB Brandon did. I hadn't read this till now sorry
  4. This is the quote from the 68th Epigraph of HoA. This is as far as I know the only mention of how a Mistwraith is created
  5. How much of Mistborn have you read?
  6. They haven't been named but Navani mentions when Dalinar is very spaced out that her father had a similar problem in later life. I took this as a reference to Alzheimer's
  7. I've just been wondering how many times has this forum gotten theories about future Cosmere events correct and if so what points were they? There are obviously a lot of really awesome theories now about upcoming books and I wanted to know how many could be true *** Possible Spoilers Depending on the Answers so Beware and Tag any just in case*** Thanks, Chapoids
  8. So just a quick question but what D&D classes and sub classes would you put Stormlight characters into? Some I feel are pretty straight forward like Adolin being an Eldritch Knight Fighter, but it could get a bit more nebulous like Renarin I could see as a Knowledge Domain Cleric. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts and how many D&D nerds are also Sharders
  9. The idea the another Bridgeman would lead really well into the idea I've seen for the 4th ideal. "I will allow others to protect me when I cannot on my own" This would work perfectly as the Bridgemen will have been protected by Kaladin and then Kaladin could be helped/protected by the 4th ideal bridgeman
  10. If you want a Cosmere name that is still unique you can use the naming convention from 6th of the Dusk. So <Number Born in Litter> of <Time of Day Born>.
  11. It's possible but requires the ninth heightening to awaken stone or metal like Nightblood
  12. Pretty sure one of them is going to be Survival
  13. All my favourite ones are Killed when I post them by either being already a thing or someone has more obscure knowledge than me
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