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  1. He has heard the term before in TWOK when Hoid blurted it out at him like a pop quiz.
  2. The same errors are on page 202 in the Kindle version of The Alloy of Law.
  3. It is as complete as it can be unless there is some way to clean up the audio. Most of the relevant questions are in the TL database, though.
  4. I have added a lot of the questions to Theoryland, and the rest I have gotten a rough transcription of, but not enough to type out, due to the audio issues, so those will take a little more time. I use a Memorex MB2059C which records digitally but doesn't have a USB port for uploading, so I have to use the earphone jack to transfer to my PC.
  5. I added the transcript to the Theoryland database also since it looked somewhat complete. Some great information in there!
  6. I think Brandon implied at JordanCon that Iyatil is from Silverlight: Interview: Apr 23rd, 2016 Brandon Sanderson RAFOlympics at JordanCon 8 (Verbatim) Question Obviously the world covers different planets, but most people on individual planets don’t know about the other planets. Is there a planet within the Cosmere where worldhopping is common knowledge? Brandon Sanderson Is there a planet in the Cosmere where worldhopping is common knowledge. Um… it’s not a planet. Someone: It’s a space station? [Audience laughs] That’s no moon! Brandon Sanderson That’s… not as far off as people laughing think that it is. [More laughter] It’s not a space station, it’s not that futuristic, but there is a place in the Cosmere where a lot of worldhoppers have settled, is where Iyatil is from, even though her ethnicity is not from there. Question Clarifying question. Is that place in the Physical Realm? Brandon Sanderson [laughs] RAFO! Question It’s the Cognitive Restaurant At The End Of The Universe? [many references to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy follow]
  7. That makes sense, but I don't know if that is an impediment to spren. One thing I just noticed when looking at the Shadesmar map is that Rall Elorim is on the cusp of the Nexus of Transition and the Nexus of Truth, and maybe that is more important to the spren. Those are interesting names. Transition could imply the path to the beyond or maybe it could be alluding to soulcasting/transformation, and Truth could imply that there are cryptics there.
  8. We know little so far about Rall Elorim, except that it has a reputation that goes unspoken by Lift. It has an interesting nickname, The City of Shadows, but while it sounds descriptive, it also sounds incomplete. However, considering the reveals about Heralds and souls and cognitive shadows from the 12/05/2016 Chicago signing, I think that the nickname should actually be The City of Cognitive Shadows, which ties in the in-universe meaning of Shadows. So, what would give the city this nickname? Perhaps the city is populated in Shadesmar, and there are bleedovers from the cognitive realm into the physical realm. Perhaps Lift was able to interact with whatever is in the Shadesmar area of Rall Elorim and didn't care for that, explaining why she left.
  9. Easy enough with Kindle 31 mentions of cremlings in The Way of Kings, but nothing stood out. 38 mentions of cremlings in Words of Radiance, and 3 instances seem noteworthy: Mraize shoots a cremling with a dart at the meeting in the wilderness (pg 627). Kaladin and Syl see a cremling when Kal is in prison (pg 767). Teft throws a rock at a cremling while they are standing vigil for Kaladin to return (pg 840).
  10. If the audio isn't clear, I will probably have to transcribe it from the original which is clearer, but that will take some time.
  11. I have finished uploading the audio to my computer for the 12/3/2016 signing. It is on my shared google drive, broken up into 7 files, if anyone would like to help out with transcribing. Some of the audio may be difficult to hear over the crowd noise but I did what I could to clear up the audio on these files. The original audio is much cleaner but it does not store the audio in downloadable files so I wasn't able to upload the audio cleanly. If you transcribe a file, please note which file (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3, 4a, 4b) and include timestamps for the questions. If you can't access the audio or document, let me know. Thanks! ETA: I will try to clean up the audio files and re-upload them to make them more audible.
  12. Based on what Brandon said, my guess would be that if Sazed could produce atium (which is an assumption) that it might change from Ati's version since 300+ years have passed.
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