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  1. Sel is the major part of the Cosmere I have the most mixed feelings about. It simultainiously contains my least favorite Cosmere book (Elantris) and my absolute favorite (the emperor Soul) There are some really cool ideas present, but at the same time I don't really vibe with the execution sometimes. This applies to many of the aspects of that world but especially the magic system and even more specifically Aon Dor. I like the concept of a simple shape dictated by the form of the land will form the basis of the symbols that essentially become a magical programming language if combined well. It's such a cool Idea. Especially the fact that the symbol in itself will gradually change with the landscape itself. But on the other hand I don't really like how Aon Dor is executed. In a way it's the closest we come to feeling like a standard random fantasy magic system in all of sandersons worlds. It can basically do anything and doesn't have any real limits we know of. You can draw them in the air to get an effect. Inscribe objects to get an effect, shape objects to get an effect. But theres no real insight into how these things take effekt. It just works. Somehow. (Spoiler TotES) Which is fine, it's a fantasy story and magic isn't real after all. But It laks the typical Sanderson feel of "wow this almost feels like a real thing". It doesn't feel like we just don't understand it, it feels like there's not much more to it than that. This is also represented with the diffrent Aons we get. I like the simple ones. The ones that are diffrent combinations of Aon Aon. That's a cool concept. But a lot of them look way to overcrowded and convoluted to be used in the way they are described. They are supposedly also the basis of the alphabet. But the time it takes to draw e.g. Aon Reo you'd be done writing an entire letter in any other script. It's hard to imagine someone drawing a shape this accurately to get the effect in the air as well. I would like the aspect that they are really complicated, if that learning curve was the main/only entry barrier to Aon Dor. But we still have the concept of an Elantrian. Only special people can do it. I think the Emperors soul does almost all of the aspects better. (We don't know how the stamp shapes look in canon) The magic feels deeper and more meaningful. Like you have to be an actual sholar and craftsman to practice it. it has a more limited use and stricter rules. And the vague nature of these rules adds to the feeling of there being a deeper knowledge that we don't understand. What are your thought's on the wordbuilding of Sel?
  2. I'm a little suprised nobody has replied to this. I haven't done the math but had a similar feeling. Even though I liked the story, the worldbuilding of this book streches my suspension of disbelieve the hardest. Most other worlds while also not really possible feel way more coherent in how they work. But there is something about Canticle that just seems like the society depicted would never hold up at all. Somehow they are always at the brink of running out of energy needing to sacrifice people. But on the other hand there is also elderly people around. Because not every person that dies is sacrificed to the sun. There has to be a decent part of the popluation dying in accidents, childbirth, desease etc. So all their souls are lost. Also the general way in which they live seems a little to fast paced to maintain any sort of culture at all.
  3. From the interactions in the book we can assume that Scadrial and Roshar are not on the best terms. So the answer is propably that they don't have access to Stormlight since their opponent controls it
  4. Thank you guys! Rathalas was one of the instances, that I had in mind as well. And the burning pitch is an interesting one. I don't think Jasnah could have cast Petroleum ore something. Since it likely isn't someting she understands that well, since it's not in wide use on Roshar.
  5. I know from Khriss-essay and WOBs in general that the Oxigen levels on Roshar are higher than "cosmere Standard". She warns that it causes Fires on Roshar to be resond unusually. From what I recall, even though spheres are more wide spread, people use fire quite normally in torches, cookfires etc. But are there any instances within the Stormlight books that actually refrence or depict the effects of fire on Roshar. Or was this aspect of the worldbuilding only considered later?
  6. I think it is mentioned that the he can turn into something that has multible diffrent pieces as long as they are touching.
  7. Okay. But I don't really understand why it would be so hard for them to find out they were siblings. Do we know that all of them were raised in the cult of the returned? Or that they were given over to them immediately? I mean. even if me and my brother both died at the same time and returned without our memories. The fact that we are brothers would be one of the first things to come up. We would presumably be in the precence of people who knew us. Or at least be contacted by our family. The few people we would have met and interacted with in the first few moments of our new lives would overlap significantly. And besides. We look alike. And maybe someone just told them. The cult of the returned the five sholars knew does not seem to function like the court of gods. The retruned we see are not scolars or anything. They are basically just displayfigures. So why do we assume that it was forbidden to tell them who they were?
  8. It looks really cool. But I wonder why they interviewed this man in particular. I feel like they couldn't have found anyone less impressed by his own hobby
  9. I don't think "awakening" has to mean using Biochromatic Breath here. It could very well be through Hemalurgy or something. I think in a WoB about SP3 Brandon said that
  10. Since Rythm of war we know that Spren can be killed permanently with the use of anti-Investiture. My theory is that Sigzils original spren might be killed off. And on his way to dealing with that he bonds a highspren. When he's given a dawnshard in the process I don't know
  11. In the book we get very little information about how the ecosystem works on the planet. All that we know is that the Plants grow rapidly in the time between darkness and just before the sunrise and use the light reflected by the rings. Theres everything from Grasses to small trees. And the crops the people plant ahead of the growing wave. All the fauna we know of are “Gazelle like creatures”. These don’t seem to be livestock since they are hunted. But I want to know how this works. Where do the organisms come from? Do the plants drop seeds that endure the sunrise? That seems unlikely since the sun also completely annihilates entire mountains. And this doesn’t explain the existence of animals either. Humans cannot really outrun the sunrise. So I guess the animals can’t either. They also need to stop feed. (I love how this book is so cosmere there are literally no unpinned threads in the non-spoiler section )
  12. I know there is a WOB that states that Singers/Parshmen were created as a part of the Rosharan Ecosystem. But I'm wondering if there is a chance that they have been created from humans not from scratch. Because even though they fit the world well they don't blend in completely. Simply because Singers seem like the human version of a Ryshadium. They are clearly not crustacean like most rosharan lifeforms, even though they have carapace that seems to be mostly granted by their forms. Ryshadium have stone hooves like the shells of chulls now, and are capable of bonding spren. Singers also seem to be mammals by the precence of hair and breasts. And they are capable of interbreeding with humans. If that WOB didn't exist. I would have guessed that the singers were the first humans to ever reach roshar a very long time ago and completely adapted to the ecosystem over time while still having an overtly human origin. If they have been made from scratch instead, why aren't they more like the rest of the native fauna of roshar? I feel like this could also be an interesting point in the narrative if the two fractions find out they are actually related. And that the Ashynite Rosharans would in the long run become more and more singer like. What is your opinion on this?
  13. Era two of the mistborn novels has now come to it's conclusion. And something that really bugs me is how little we learn about the modern koloss ( including allomancer Jaks story) I was surprised to learn that the kolos had survived the catacendre in AoL. I feel like we learn the new place of many of the old things of era 1. The Kandra, Marsh, Kelsier the Terris etc. But the koloss(blooded) are only represented by background characters. And the biggest of them, Tarson, is a bulky brutal man. He'd seem like a offensive caricature tbh. if the kolos were real. I find it sad because their culture and PoV sounds like it would make for interesting worldbuilding and interesting themes for characters to explore. How would it feel to grow up among people who look like monsters? What would it be like to leave them? In general the roughs, are are falling short in general. The books kind of support the notion that everything important happens in Elendel and nobody really cares about the roughs and it's people. I really hope we see more of both in future books.
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