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  1. So at the end of AoL, Marsh delivers Spook's book to Marasi, which informs her, as well as Wax and Wayne, of the existence of Hemalurgy. I've just been rereading HoA and realized that Sazed wrote about Hemalurgy in the epigraphs of the book. Those epigraphs were part of the books that he left the founders of the new world. So why wouldn't Hemalurgy be widely know about in Era 2 already?
  2. At the end of RoW, Moash appears to be physically blind, and it appears to be permanent. Without getting into the reasons for his blindness, the question remains, what is Moash's character arc from now on? Will he just go out with a whimper and no bang? I really hope not. He's too well developed a villain for him to go out like this. So here is my theory: At the end of the book we see El spike Lezian. This indicates that he is either competent in, or experimenting with Hemalurgy. We know from Khriss's notes that Hemalurgy has vast implications cosmere-wise. All that being said, my theory is that Moash will find his way to El at some point in book 5 and El will spike Moash, Inquisitor style, and this is how he will regain his ability to fight and be a villain with style once again. I imagine that with the spikes, he would be able to see investiture or he will be able to see into the cognitive realm in some way. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!
  3. On page 1088 (Chapter 101) there is a huge Typo. Jasnah refers to the Bridge Four as "my aunt's flying machine" in reference to Navani's (her mother's) flying machine.
  4. Anyone else thinking about calling in sick tomorrow so they can read RoW? I NEVER do this.... Except when OB came out but THAT'S IT!!!! I'm weak...
  5. Whoooo boy! Just got through my first read of OB last night (dang grad school papers!) and I have about 1,001 questions. But here's one for now. I've seen a lot of discussion regarding what exactly the dagger that was used to...something...Jezrien was and how it functioned. But I haven't seen anyone ask yet why Moash was chosen by the Fused or likely by Odium himself to....something... Jezrien. If it was merely a function of the knife's power being needed to be used on Jezrien then seemingly anyone could have used it, no? Why then would such an important task fall to a wild card like Moash? It appears to be a test of sorts to see where Moash's loyalties truly lie, but is it that simple, or is there something more afoot? It seems to great a risk on the part of Odium to give the task to a human who he has less control over. I don't really have an answer. Just the question. Any thoughts?
  6. UpLifted

    Steris' Name

    Hey this is a really obvious thing that I picked up on a while ago but I haven't seen it on the Shard yet so I'll just ask, has everyone noticed that Steris is an anagram for the word Sister? I picked up on this when I first read AoL. I still find it odd as this doesn't seem like a very Brandon way to foreshadow a plot twist.
  7. Hey, doing my annual re-read of the original mistborn trilogy. I noticed that Kelsier says that his imposter, OreSeur, can't get near an Inquisitor for fear of being revealed. Is this because Inquisitor Bronze vision would pick up the metal spikes in kandra bodies. While this makes sense I was under the impression that Kelsier didn't understand how Inquisitor vision worked. Thoughts?
  8. Um yeah... Back in the day before it was illegal Batei Dinim (Jewish Courts) used to have a guy who was essentially an enforcer for them and he would beat on scumbag husbands until they gave a get. Also, they had the power to put him in cheirem, making him an ostracized outcast until he granted the divorce. Nowadays the law prevents the first and the acceptance of Jews into mainstream society makes the latter less effective. There are certain prenuptial agreements that can be put into place that prevent the husband from having this power over his wife. Many Rabbis will refuse to preside over a wedding unless such arrangements are in place. In response to your question though... the Punisher, definitely.
  9. Hey this may be a dumb question but if Harmonium or Ettmetal explodes when wet, then how the heck can an allomancer ever swallow it? Wouldn't it explode on contact with saliva?
  10. Perhaps, but in theory it could be done. If anything what you are saying lends support to this theory.
  11. In BoM MeLaan states clearly that Kandra cannot reproduce. My question is, while they might not be able to make more Kandra, since that requires spikes which were used to kill people, can they reproduce in the human sense. If MeLaan can imitate Marasi's blood type, and do a host of other unbelievable things to her body such as forming keys out of flesh and bone, can't she make an egg which can be fertilized. Heck, she can make the egg and sperm herself and self-fertilize. If she can imitate human genetics, can't she reproduce like humans as well?
  12. This was probably discussed previously on this forum but I couldn't find it anywhere so I'll ask. I don't have the exact quote in front of me but in WoR, right before Szeth comes to assassinate Dalinar the first time, Kaladin speaks to the stormfather in his dream. The Stormfather seemingly references the impending attack by saying something like "He comes...the one who hates." Since Szeth immediately attacks I assumed it was a reference to him, but seeing as Odium essentially means hatred shouldn't this be a reference to him? Does this refer to Odium then and the Stormfather was just giving a general warning about Odium's return that just happened to coincide with Szeth's attack? Or does this mean that Szeth was being influenced by Odium? Is there an answer for this out there?
  13. Sometimes I think I'm way too obsessed with the Cosmere... then I come across threads like this and realize that I could be way worse...
  14. It's called Sandersonitis. A neurosis characterized by an obsession with the fictional Universe known as the Cosmere invented by mad genius Brandon Sanderson.
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