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  1. I always assumed Kandra didn't procreate.
  2. Can a kandra, while in the shape of a female, get pregnant if they want to?
  3. I think we're forgetting something. The Honorblades in the prelude had glowing glyphs. The Knights Radiant's Armor had glowing Glyphs that faded. Shardblades now have no glyphs on them. Perhaps it's not writing in general, but specific glyphs. Perhaps the Glyphs become a focus for the powers of the Radiants and Heralds, like Aons.
  4. Love to, but TN is a little far from you.
  5. Despite what others have said, I do not believe Tarrlok is Amon.
  6. Holy is Fire. Warming souls of gold and darkness and light, light and darkness and gold of souls warming. Fire is Holy. Holy is Fire./ Warming souls/ of gold and darkness and light,/ light and darkness and gold of souls warming./ Fire is Holy. Hmm... I think this one actually could be classified as a 1. 22 words as well.
  7. Wow, this raises about 20 questions. say, you take a mistwraith and turn it into a kandra-- perhaps give it the blessing of presence. Then you put a copper hemalurgic spike through this barely sentient baby kandra's heart and steal memory. Could it in fact steal an ability from a Kandra? Would the baby Kandra die or continue to exist with a terrible mental handicap? Would the hemalurgic charge in its spikes be diminished? How much of a hemalurgic charge would be in this new hemalurgic spike? If you took that now-brainless kandra and removed its blessing, then gave it a different blessing and repeated the process, how many fully charged hemalurgic spikes could you create? wow... this is just scratching the surface, too.
  8. I have a theory I'm developing about this... Alethi and the Steel Alphabet are very similar, and letters seem to be called the same, but have different symbols to represent them... Still working on it, I'll post it when I'm done/have more evidence/decide It's good enough/want to.
  9. Not sure if the question i posted in the serious thread will be answered, so I'm going to post it here, too. For Brandon: Which pony is Best pony?
  10. Is Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, or Pinkie Pie BEST PONY? I'm serious. I want Brandon's opinion on this.
  11. Actually, since they can rebuild their bodies, it would just be trial and error until they picked the right spot. Tensoon moved OreSeur's blessing around inside his body when he picked it up in book 3, dissolving organs and reforming them with the spike through them. Much easier for a kandra than a human. Only one person has to die. Yes, precisely.
  12. Tensoon took Oreseur's blessing when he killed him. Tensoon had two blessings. I think this requires a rageface. GET ALL THE SPIKES!
  13. The four blessings are: Awareness (2 tin spikes), Potency (2 iron spikes), Presence (2 copper spikes), and Stability (2 zinc spikes). Kandra are actually mistwraiths gifted with a pair of spikes- both of the same metal, stealing a human attribute. They are not sentient without the spikes. TenSoon took OreSeur's as well, giving him the blessing of potency in addition to the blessing of presence he already had. (2 Iron Spikes granting physical strength like a constant pewter burn, 2 copper spikes granting eidetic memory) Whether or not they could receive a benefit from allomantic of feruchemical spikes has never been explicitly stated, which is why I posed the question. I don't really see why they wouldn't be affected, so long as the spikes were correctly placed, so until we get a Word of God, I'm going to assume it's possible and throw a rogue Kandra Serial Killer at my party of heroes. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! This is going to be fun.
  14. Here's a question: Can a Kandra gain Allomancy or Feruchemy from Hemalurgic spikes. I ask because a kandra serial killer with stolen powers would be a pretty sweet villain.
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