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  1. Hmm... I'm going to USU. I could be interested in meeting up with a group some time, but I wouldn't count myself as a yes vote. If I didn't have anything else going on I'd probably show up.
  2. The only error that really stopped me in my reading: "'Just stay with the horses. And try not to talk to anyone.' Waxillium shook his head, pushing into the saloon, feeling an odd spring to his step. He was filling his metalmind a smidge, decreasing his weight by about ten percent. Common practice for him these days, ever since he’d run out of stored weight during one of his first bounty hunts a few months back." That spring in his step would no longer be an "odd" feeling if he's been regularly storing for the past several months.
  3. It actually looks like he missed a whole question in that quote. There are five out of the six Q: Is the keyhole to the oathgate a spren? Shallan says it is the same material as a shard blade. A: RAFO. (Sorry.)
  4. I'm pretty sure that Miles mentions (inside his mind) that Tarson is a pewter savant. I feel that he was thinking something a long the lines of "pewterarms heal quickly and since Tarson is a savant he'll heal even more quickly" in reference to the broken arm.
  5. I don't think wyndle was complaining about being with someone unimportant... From what I recall he was complaining about being with someone who's immature. He was saying that he wanted to pick a certain grandmother. Yes, she would have been important to her family, but that was the only "importance" that could have been implied by his complaining.
  6. I don't know.... they're still at the front of the highstorm. I thought it took hours for highstorms to pass, and when Szeth wakes up he doesn't mention anything about being in the middle of a highstorm. ... actually, now I'm just thinking that Nale probably used a transportation fabrial to grab the body and then get out real quick, then immediately using the regrowth fabrial to heal. In the end of my thinking, I agree with the previous post.
  7. I would add a potential option of each planet having a specific "focus", e.g. the magic of whatever Shards are present on Scadrial will always manifest themselves in some relation to metal. Something to do with how the planet's inherent investiture interacts with the shards' investiture. I feel like I've recently read a quote that had something to do with that...
  8. One of our Apostles, President Packer, gave this story as part of a much longer discourse. I starting thinking how similar that is to how the magic users in the cosmere (I'm pretty sure it's more than just the Radiants, but even if it is only them, then it still works) have to be broken. Within those cracks something can come and make them stronger than they were. And if my understanding is correct, it's a spiritual break, rather than cognitive or physical.
  9. OK... so I might just not be remembering very good, but I don't remember the potentiality of reviving a blade being mentioned in the books. I know of the WoBs relating to the matter, but I don't remember "all this foreshadowing" about a blade getting revived. The only potential foreshadowing that I recall is Adolin liking to talk to his Blade and not wanting to name it (which could very, very easily be an idiosyncrasy to set Adolin apart and not actually any type of foreshadowing). There's also the instances of italicized duck, but I just read that as warrior instinct. Is there more that I'm missing?
  10. Two reasons for why I believe Szeth's hand is healed: 1) I just barely read somewhere(I believe in the recent reddit AMA that was linked to in either this thread or one of the many other threads) WoB that future books will be written in such a way that it won't matter what version of WoR we've read, it'll be the same. From that I would think that it's a logical conclusion that Szeth's hand is healed. 2) I don't think that Brandon would have published the book in the first place if the healing of Szeth's soul with that fabrial didn't agree with the rules of the magic system. I'm pretty sure that the only real change is the characterization of Kaladin,
  11. These other posts reminded me of my other important question. I took that statement to mean that someone bonded to a living spren can heal spiritual wounds, but one who's bonded to a dead spren can't, which in turn brought me to the question, Can people who have dead shardblades utilize stormlight somehow to heal non-spiritual wounds? or a different train of thought, Was that statement referring to the idea that all Radiants were broken, which in turn allowed a spren to come in to "heal the soul." Following through, is this saying that only those who are bonded to a "living shardblade" are able to heal soul-wounds caused by shardblades. Following that line of thought brings a couple questions: I always assumed that early in the next book, Hobber (I think) will be shown to use stormlight to heal his legs. Will that no longer happen? (that would be sad. I can imagine Kaladin telling him that it'll work, but it never does... ) Did the old scene of Szeth getting his soul healed show that he had already bonded a spren?
  12. For my two cents on the issue at hand, I read the stab scene as Kaladin reflexively diverting the stab, not as something that he pondered about for a time to try to figure out what fits best with his moral character. He doesn't even know for sure why he diverted the stab. Kaladin is thinking that it might have been pity that diverted the blow. Another potential reason is that it's just harder to kill someone who is no longer a threat. Szeth basically surrendered. We all agree (I think) that one of the things that show us that Sadeas is a worthless sack of rotten potatoes is the fact that he personally killed a bunch of Parshendi that surrendered on the field. I would say that Szeth metaphorically raised the white flag. I don't want to pass judgment on whether or not I think the change is a good change (Although not passing judgment on what I think really doesn't make sense...), but I would like to point out a few of the potential bonuses that may come because of the change. Kaladin will now be able to ponder about what it is about himself that caused him to divert the stab (Another opportunity of character building and it's always good to learn more about one's self). I think whatever else I was going to write has been said plenty enough before...... so I won't write those out (we can pretend that I did have coherent thoughts that I was going to put here.. ) I've actually had problems with this scene from the first time I read it, and this fix doesn't actually fix what I think is a real issue. My question is, and will continue to be, Why in the world did Kaladin use a sword to stab instead of a trusty spear??
  13. It seems to me like shardplate is some form of condensed stormlight. As the radiant progresses in the ideals, their stormlight use becomes more efficient. Close to when they reach the point that they can hold stormlight perfectly, they're able to use a certain amount of their held stormlight to create the armor. The stormlight that does leak out (from the skin or from normal talking) just goes to power the plate in the same way that Shallan's leaks power her weavings. That could be why Dalinar doesn't notice any of the radiants that he talks to in his visions having "frosty" breath (I'm pretty sure he doesn't notice that, at least). nvm, I'm going to put one foot in the boat that believes a(or multiple) lesser cousin spren is used. A cousin spren is used as the base. stormlight is used to give increased mass and simulate the bond. I think this thought line answers why stormlight needs to be used to fix plate. Problems: The OP question.: - Maybe there's nothing in Dalinar's/a Bondsmith's subconscious or spiritweb or some such that understands how a spren turns into a Blade (since the stormfather is unwilling to do so) and because of that they are unable to learn how to convince a lesser spren to turn into Plate? This would make one think that if making the Plate in that way is a possibility, then a radiant would be able to make bunches of plates (for squires?): - The current crop of Plate might only be around because the Radiants renounced their oaths while the bond was being simulated? - Maybe only one bond can be simulated at a time? screaming/syl's fine with the Plate: - Maybe it's like wearing something made from an animal. It can be sad for the animal to die, but the thing we make from it is useful?
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