The Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self, Episode 2: Chapters 4-6

This week, Splintercast continues reading Shadows of Self! The plot thickens, you hear more about Alyx's RP (because of course you do, this should be expected). And it's a long episode too: about fifty minutes long! You get a lot of Alyx this week. Too bad she couldn't write this. She said, "I'm too busy" and "two sixteen hour days in a row are the worst." What a slacker. (Just kidding.)

Be careful what you wish for, Alyx! "I'd love to see an awesome lady villain," she says. Heh heh... Yeah, about that.


User Feedback

"A steel compounder would be cool" - hehe...


"Have we had any good female villians" - hehehehe...


Zane was indeed the first one we saw use the "coin in the mouth" trick


Dawnshot is a title that is mentioned in Alloy.


Also puns are a tried and true part of being a Sanderfan, Brandon even hangs a lantern on it in that chasm scene in WoR.


Catacendre is a term that was first used (in the books) in Shadows.


"I'd like the lady villain to not be an ex-lover of the protagonist" -- at this point I started to think "You're in luck!"  And then I remembered Idashwy isn't the villain...


I like longer things and more comments.


Boxing was indeed the slang term for them, officially they were "Imperials".


You're reaction to Idashwy's death (and the sudden switch to Marasi = Priceless


"...I want to watch you flounder..." -- ...Welp the Fandom Monster definitely ain't losing her touch...


I can't wait for the next episode!


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"So okay, to continue with my Dragon Age analogy that I'm definitely not going to turn into an AU"
I'm pretty sure this quote sums up my entire existence.


already wrote a super long fic about the Stormlight crew in Thedas. I don't need another one!!!!  Me @ me: like chill, tho pls. Be less garbage for four seconds, Feather.


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Continuing to call Edwarn "Suit" fits with the wordplay theme.  We've already got main characters named Wax and Wayne.  Now we have a rivalry: Mr. Law vs. Mr. Suit! :D


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