Shardcast: Rhythm of War Reactions 1

Welcome to one of TWO of our full spoilers Rhythm of War reaction podcasts. Our second one will likely be coming Sunday as well with the rest of the Shardcasters, so if you are thinking, "Man, my favorite Shardcasters aren't here," well, you'll be set very soon! There's so so much to talk about, and even given this podcast's length, it feels like we have barely said anything here. There will be so many podcast topics, that's for sure!

For this reactions podcast, we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Alyx (Feather), David (Windrunner), Shannon (Grey), and Matt (Comatose)! Major thanks to Alyx for editing this!

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User Feedback


Posted (edited)

RoW spoilers, just in case


I liked the flashbacks but at the same time, I waited till I reached a flashback to put the book down for the day so... yeah, the flashbacks were often this book's weak point.

The Taravangian twist... I'm more split up about it, now that the novelty's worn off. Well, sort of, I'm always gonna go "Squeeeeeeee" almost everytime a book or show goes here's the big bad, now bigger and badder! I grew up on anime. I'm sorry! I was hoping after Rayse's unexpected death, which also feels a bit premature now, after all the build up from him killing so many other Shards, how dangerous Hoid thought he was even before Ascending... anyway, I was hoping after Rayse died and Taravangian picked up the Shard that we'll focus on all the other stuff. I'm a fan of dealing with Odium in the front 5, then dealing with the hatred and all the aftermath of thousands of years of war in the back 5. Because the big bad kind of takes away all the focus from that. It's easier to unite people against an existential threat. Going forwards would've been very difficult and very interesting without Odium providing everyone with an iron-clad reason to do so. The various peoples of Roshar are divided. The existing nations are divided. The very society is also still divided. Dealing with all that in peacetime or something close enough to peacetime would've been more...  excruciating. Instead we get the big bad immediately replaced and I don't know how I feel about that. And if Taravangian is dealt with in book 5, that would also feel premature.

Also we need more Fused characters that aren't one book wonders that keep being replaced. We didn't see any of the Fused we saw in Oathbringer. I mean aside from Leshwi. Where's Hnanan? Where's Hariel? Where's Turash? Now Raboniel and Lezian are dead too, and we have a new one called El. Are all the Fused characters gonna get in line one after the other for the next books?


Anyway, these are some of my complaints about Rhythm of War, since I was mostly just gushing about the book in the reaction threads, I thought I'd put these here.


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RoW Spoilers:



When I think about it, Mr. T is actually highly compatible with Odium’s MO.

Odium: Give me your pain.

Taravangian: Let me take the blame of these crimes for myself. That is the job of a ruler.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.


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So, in response to the thing about the Rhythm of Destruction, I feel like it says somewhere that that is the Odious version of the Rhythm of the Lost, so in the scene Leshwi is trying to hum to Lost.

Also, in addition to the fact that there is a dragon on Roshar, some offhand things you may not have noticed (or at least didn't seem to point out):

  1. Veil remembered holding a Seon cube as baby Shallan.
  2. Lift has an Aviar now.
  3. Mraize totally murdered a Terris worldhopper (who used to have an aviar, apparently)
  4. Hindsight mode: After Operation: Red Carpet, Shallan spent about five months as Veil (based on how I read their relationship), which ended when Helaran forced her to try to draw, at which point Shallan reappeared and talked for the first time since the incident (which is adorable).
  5. Gift (son of Lunamor) is flirting with Lift, and she isn't particularly upset about it. (So, is their ship name Gift, or Lift? You decide)
  6. The Sibling just chose to unbond Melishi after he captured BAM
  7. The mysterious shop owner who somehow has all of the things that characters have lost.
  8. We finally have a good idea of how Vasher prevented the little girl in Warbreaker from remembering her kidnapping.
  9. Ishar killed Neturo-son-Valano,
  10. There is no tenth pancake.

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Posted (edited)

@Feather I agree SO HARD on the GB/



thing. SO HARD. 

Just saying. 

And @Comatose I should have watched this before I commented on a recent thread about the similarities between Dalinar/Adolin and Lirin/Kaladin. We are also simpatico on this. haha

Edited by Bliev

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I definitely agree with Shannon about Shallan. I liked her best in book one. Was bothered by her in books 2-3. And loved her in this one which then changed how I feel about her in 2-3. 
And Alex on GB leader stuff. 



Jasnah and Wit. The part of it I think is weird is that Hoid has been around for ages and lifetimes. Like yeah Jasnah is awesome and crazy intelligent, beautiful, and clever, but how can a near immortal like Hoid actually be romantically involved with someone who is just so human and possibly short lived comparatively. Just not sure I see that. But whatever, it’s okay.

So much to love about this book. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts! Glad to have a place to listen to other massive fans be excited. 


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