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Shardcast: Moonlight's Mentor


It's our longest episode ever! If you've read Lost Metal, you know what this episode is about, and there's so so much to discuss. In fact, believe it or not, we probably easily could have talked for two more hours at least on it. In this one, Alyx is a mind-reader and says Realmatic things! We also get talking about the Fused.

This episode has Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), Jessie (Lady Lameness).

Mistborn playing cards can be purchased here: https://www.dragonsteelbooks.com/collections/featured-products/products/wax-and-wayne-playing-card-deck

Silhouette in the thumbnail is by Botanica: https://botanicaxu.tumblr.com/post/688478334502551552/saw-the-cover-of-secret-history-hardcover-book-and

00:00 Introductions 
2:48 Show & Tell
6:21 Alyx on Kelsier (Lost Metal Edition)
11:20 Kelsier's personality / morals
45:54 Cognitive Shadows
57:29 Kelsier Kandra & Looking at Playing cards
1:13:35 Kelsier not having powers, the Bands, Kelsier and medallions 
1:37:20 Rosharan Ghostbloods 
2:05:33 Kelsier Morality, Set Origins
2:18:07 Kelsier and Sazed, Discord
2:38:17 Kelsier and Autonomy
2:48:36 Final Thoughts
2:52:43 Who's That Cosmere Character

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Great episode! I love me some shardcast, and I sure love me some discussion on Moonlights Mentor! Spoilers below


One thing that I think was missed though is that I think Sazed is lying to Kelsier about lerasium. There is a wob saying that a kandra can use lerasium to become a mistborn, and I definitely subscribe to the theory that Kelsier is using a mistwraiths body and his old bones (combined with a healthy dose of hemelurgy) to become some sort of cognitive shadow kandra monstrosity of an almost alive ghost.

I agree that Sazed will be good as Discord at first, and then Kelsier will see that it’s actually a problem and will have to stop him. I think Sazed sees something of their conflict in the future, (maybe something to do with Kelsier ultimately forcing him to become Discord and Sazed knows that’s bad long term), so he doesn’t want to help Kelsier by giving him access to lerasium and becoming mistborn. Not to mention that he needs all the lerasium / preservation he can to stay close to balanced at this point.


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Best title ever, I really hope hiding that person's identity throughout future podcasts' titles becomes a tradition:lol:

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My theory for era 3 is that Sazed is not going to become a villain he is going to be suicidal and He isn't going to be Discord Kelsier will be after Sazed is ether dead or otherwise disposed of 

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Lost Lobo

Posted (edited)

1. Super-Fun episode, thank you to the team for this. Made me into a member. 


2. But for reals..... Sazed wants to try to shame Kelsier for looking into a breeding program designed to ensure a population retains magical abilities....?


Remind me, again, what made Tindwyl so great? "Something something spent/sacrificed much of her life taking part in the Synods' co-opting of the Lord Rulers' breeding program in order to ensure a population retained magical abilities"?

I'm not here to rah rah eugenics, but, as my man K points out, this is a natural outgrowth of a genetically derived magic system, and it's something everyone has been cool with at some point when it benefitted their cause.


Edited by cpwill

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