Shardcast: Iri and Kurth

Today we are talking about the Iriali, the strange gold-skinned people in Iri. We're talking about their religion, the Seven Lands, the One, and more! And you know what we talk about more? Kurth. A lot. You could say we were kurthed to talk about it. Did you think there was enough to talk about a single city? Apparently! 

This week we have Eric (Chaos), Grace (thegatorgirl), Evgeni (Argent), and Ben (Overlord Jebus). 

If you're curious why this is a week late, Shardcast is now moving to an every other week schedule:

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Child of Hodor

Posted (edited)

Previous worlds: Sel & Nalthis and Yolen or Taldain. 

Iri similar to Ire the world hopping Elantrian group. 

Elantrians have metallic silver hair, Iriali have metallic gold hair. 

Iri, Evi, Toh remind me of Aon Dor and similar Elantrian words. 

Nalthis because Evi uses weird color metaphors “life will be as white as the Sun at night.” OB Ch. 36

Nonhuman ancestry seems like a Yolen idea and their One split up could be Adonalsium. But, having three autonomous monarchs and the whole split up but still part of one whole is very Autonomy. I’m torn on this one.

As to when they migrate, they say they are following a grand design of the One. I think it’s a “we’ll know when it’s time” or “we will be given a sign” kind of thing.

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Well that turned into a geography lesson :lol:
The podcasts might be close to 2 hours long but I love getting an in-depth analysis by you guys. Keep it up, regardless of where the tangential topics lead us

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I was surprised to see the podcast treating the Iriali migrations as either flights of fancy. They seem more like forced dispersal on a global scale  

I think they leave after a huge global disaster. I also think they are a hint that Roshar gets completely destroyed at some point in the Stormlighy Achieve. I’d bet my left shoe that Warbreaker is a prequel to Way of Kings because Nalthis is the 5th land. I mean, Brandon spent time developing a Nalthian customs office of all things....

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For anyone interested in exploring the question of the previous lands i did a thread a while back where i tracked every instance in the cosmere i could find of golden eyes or golden hair (at least one appears in white sand, elantris and nalthis iirc)
Anyway whether you agree with the theory or not it has potentially useful references you can find

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This recent WoB rules out Autonomy as the direct inspiration for the religion of the Iriali. It may rule out Taldain as one of the previous lands.



Solfor (paraphrased)

So the Iriali, their religion the whole the One breaking themselves into the many to experience the universe. You also have Autonomy breaking themselves into many avatars. So I was wondering is Autonomy contected to the Iriali in any meaningful way.

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

So are the Iriali connected to Autonomy in a meaningful way? 

I'd say no, I mean they're slightly connected, but in a meaningful way no they're not connected.

Autonomy did not start the Iriali religion.

DragonCon 2019 (Sept. 2, 2019)




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*Puts on aluminum foil hat*

I think the Reshi isles used to be a mountain range near the coast Kurth near the middle of the nation. It got smashed kind of like the Shattered Plains by some surge binding mumbo jumbo and the land sunk, leaving only the peaks of the mountains as islands.

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