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[Sunlit Man Spoilers] November 2023 Art Commission


Happy New Year, everybody!

In the spirit of the whole "new year, new me" mantra, we are turning a new leaf and... well, not really changing anything! We know you like these monthly fanart commissions, we like these monthly fanart commissions, so why break what isn't broken?

⚠️Spoilers for The Sunlit Man⚠️

So why don't we take a look at this amazing character piece by Max, aka madxmellonart on Instagram or Tumblr? We tried to trick our patrons into voting for a Nomad piece by stacking the November poll in his favor, featuring him in 4 out of the 5 options, but people were adamant - they wanted the Night Brigade admiral, and that was that! Well, joke's on you, patrons, we are very happy with this outcome too! Max did a great job capturing the no-nonsense stern character of the Admiral, and the shade behind her is the absolute stuff of nightmares, the Night Brigade certainly lives up to its reputation. And - yes, we know we say this every time - Max was great to work with, so we'll definitely bring them back for a future commission!

A digital illustration of the Admiral of the Night Brigade, as she appears in the epilogue of The Sunlit Man. The Admiral herself is a severe-looking woman in her 30s or 40s, standing tall in the center of the vertical image, with chiseled face, short hair, and lips slightly curled in a sneer as she looks down upon the viewer. She is dressed in a naval uniform with white gloves, one hand holding a silver chain that's still attached to her belt. Above and behind the Admiral is a Threnodite shade, jet-black, but with enraged red eyes that leave red streaks in the air. The shade still looks mostly like the human it once belonged to, dressed in a uniform similar to the one worn by the Admiral, one hand rising above the Admiral's shoulder and pointing threateningly at the viewer with claw-like fingers. Only in a few places has the shade started losing its shape, its substance turning into something between drops of ink and tendrils of smoke.


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