Some Writings of Jenna Tekiel (Secrets in Stained Glass)

Between episodes of Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass, we are posting some additional story content. Below is our first bit of prose material, two pieces of writing from Jenna Tekiel. We also have posted additional behind-the-scenes content on our Patreon if you are interested.

Some Writings of Jenna Tekiel
By Eric Lake

A letter to Julian Lunarche, 1008 FE, shortly before the fire at the Elariel manor

Dearest Julian,

You are going to do amazing with the Elariels. You are brilliant, and your ideas are sound. It... was never my intent to persuade you to not go through with this. I... perhaps worry too much about you.

I know you were angry with me for that. I could tell that look in your eyes. You would have gotten much more furious with me, but I know that look on your face, of holding back, because of me. I am trying; trying to be better. Genuinely. I hope when you come back, you will see how hard I have been working. 

Great House nobility is full of viciousness and venom, which is why I was forged to be this way. I think that is why I have been too protective of you. You can handle yourself, of course. That is how you have gotten this far. For this, I am sorry. I will make it up to you. No one in the world, save perhaps the Lord Ruler himself, knows me as well as you do. You believe in me when no one else does. You have taught me to feel. Maybe... I feel too much for you? If I am acting this way? I swear to you I will work on this, to find the proper balance.

You are going to do well. I believe in you. I eagerly look forward for you to show them just how brilliant you are. 

I love you. I am thrilled to be yours and have our engagement celebration. I have many things planned for it! See you soon, my love.



A page from Jenna Tekiel's journal, 1008 FE, the day after the fire at the Elariel manor.

I knew I had to let you do what your heart desired. What kind of partner would I have been to restrict that? I have never hated being correct as much as I do now. 

Damn you, Julian. Damn you to the Deepness. You just won't LISTEN!



It has been several hours since I wrote those words. I have been crying. I hate it.

If your essence is somewhere, Julian. I am sorry for being so angry. I don't know what I think anymore. I am filled with so much... everything. You're really gone. I could have stopped this. I can never forgive myself. 

I will never again get to see your face. That delightful hair. Your lovely touch. Lord Ruler, I can't believe it. I don't know how I can go on. I feel lost, both empty but full of every thought of you. I don't know if writing any of this down is helping. Maevis always said journaling helped her. I don't get it. Maybe somewhere you're reading this? I suppose?

I love you so much. I... I know I am not good enough. But I love you all the same, with everything I have. It's not enough. It's never enough. Maybe I'd have broken you as much as I am broken inside.



I have not left the keep for two weeks. I have done nothing. I have written nothing. I have slept, eaten perhaps half a meal, and then... Sat here. Alone with my thoughts. How cruel it is that the one person who can help me with them is the one who is gone.

Lucius did write. I need to write him back. I need to write to Maevis, too. At least some people survived this disaster.

I don't know much. I don't know much of anything anymore. But what I do know is, I will eventually find out who made this fire. I don't believe for a second this is an accident. I'm doing this for you, Julian. I imagine you'd rather I didn't. I'm so sorry to let you down again, but I must. You deserve it.

At least, eventually. I can't move right now. I am sure I will feel a fire in me again. Won't I?

I pray I am not wrong.


Secrets in Stained Glass Episode 3 comes out July 25th, and after that, we have a bunch more short stories coming your way! The complete list of Secrets in Stained Glass content can be found in this tag.


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