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July 2022 Art Commission (7)


We are stretching the definition of a crewmember here a little bit, but OreSeur - disguised as Lord Renoux - played an important role in Kelsier's plan to bring an end to the Final Empire, and even if Kelsier himself doesn't consider him crew, we do (at least for the purposes of this series of commissions).
Barthollamew's signature colorful art style has long been something we love (plus, who doesn't love memes?). Now, the Final Empire is not the best place to showcase this style, but if anyone was going to wear some color, it was going to be the kandra pretending to be a fancy nobleman.
A digital illustration of OreSeur in his guise as lord Teven Renoux. He is an elderly man with white hair reaching just over his ears, lampshade mustache, and narrow glasses. He wears an expensive-looking purple suit with a green cravat, a thin golden chain connecting his breast pocket to a pin decorated with two stylized spikes. He sits, calm and composed, fingers steepled together in front of him, next to a window. The red curtain has been pulled to the side, revealing the menacing architecture of the Final Empire beyond - and OreSeur's reflection, but painted with less detail, and with slightly transluscent skin tinted green, suggesting his true nature as a kandra.

Edited by Argent


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