Diceborn: Episode 7 - Who's The Boss?

Welcome to Episode 7 of Diceborn!

This is Episode 7 of our Mistborn Adventure Game campaign. It's time for a spa day! Relaxation abounds and absolutely no terrible secrets about any crew members are revealed. But the most important question that needs to be answered.... Who is the boss exactly?


This is an Era 2 adventure that should hopefully scratch that Mistborn vibe until The Lost Metal comes out this November.

Giveaway this week is four, that's right FOUR, copies of the Call to Adventure Stormlight Archive Deluxe Edition! To enter, leave a comment down below on what your favourite Shard is and be subscribed. In two weeks, we'll announce the winner in the next episode! This giveaway is for US only.

Congratulations to Jarno von Roosmalen for winning last episodes giveaway!

We also have our Mistborn Dice offer code "17mbdice". Spend $20 or more at https://www.crafty-games.com/ and use that offer code to receive a free set of 10 allomantic dice. Code lasts as long as stocks do.


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