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August 2023 Art Commission


Hello hello! The last couple of months saw an uptick in the membership of our Patreon page, in both free and paying members, so if you are one of those - welcome, welcome! (And of you are not, could we interest you?) Either way, hopefully you are enjoying your time here, on the 17th Shard, and hopefully the new year is treating you well. To increase the odds that everything is going peachy, we've got a Yumi and the Nightmare Painter fanart commission for you, coming right up!

We bring you an art commission from last year, all the way back from August! Yumi and the Nightmare Painter had just come out in July, and we had decided to dedicate the next commission to the book. It was a close call, but Yumi and Nikaro at the Kilahito carnival beat Nikaro painting Yumi back to life (or whatever actually happened there) by a single vote, so that's what we did! We knew we had to bring Botanica Xu back for this piece, as their distinctive style was a perfect match for this book. Real life obligations made this piece take a bit longer than usual (turns out being an artist, editor, and translator makes for a busy life) but we couldn't be happier with it. Hopefully you like it too :)

A digital illustration in vertical aspect ratio and anime style of Yumi and Nikaro. The two are at the Kilahito carnival, lights, attractions, and rides barely visible in the background over the bright hion lights illuminating everything in blue and pink tones. Both characters look happy and excited, running in the direction of the "camera." Painter is dressed in blue, jacket and baggy pants alike, and he is pointing at something in the distance, presumably another point of interest. Yumi is one step ahead of him, dressed in a blue dress and light white jacket, holding a massive plush dragon that in turn holds a bowl of noodles - the noodle princess.


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