Shardcast Will Be Live At JordanCon! Also, We'll Have Merch!

For those of you coming to JordanCon 2022, we will be having a Shardcast there! It is Friday April 22nd at 8:30pm in the Camellia room! We'll be doing a shorter and lighter episode (by Shardcast standards, anyway), with an audience Q&A afterwards. These will be recorded and posted on YouTube assuming things don't go horribly awry, but we don't know when as the schedule is packed with all the curveballs Brandon has been throwing.

Also, we'll have merch! You'll be able to purchase a pin or a patch from us if you find us somewhere! (Note we won't have a booth, so before or after our Shardcast might be good, otherwise you'll have to track Eric or another one of us down somewhere. We will also have some very fancy ribbons to give away for free.

Again, our show will be in Camellia, starting at 8:30PM and running (at the latest – we may not use the full time) until 11:00PM.


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