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Cosmere Inktober 2022 Prompt List


The fourth annual Cosmere Inktober is just around the corner, and we are excited to share the 2022 prompt list!

If you are not familiar with Inktober, it was started as a challenge to practice inking and drawing habits over an entire month. This challenge is a personal journey for artists to follow set prompts and improve on drawing skills but has become a worldwide event with many different versions of prompt lists and themes. This year I have created a list of Cosmere-themed prompts and am posting it early to give fan-artists time to plan ahead!


A simple image titled "Cosmere Inktober 2022", with a list of 31 single-word prompts below the title. Below the words are Instagram handles for @FelCandy.art and @IzykStewart, as well as this year's official hashtag, #CosmereInktober2022. The prompts, in order, are: puppet, weapon, glass, chains, flame, miscreant, lantern, salute, buckle, mists, contract, anchor, silhouette, nobility, tea, gravity, thrill, dizzy, ocean, glove, architect, heist, balcony, tassels, judge, medallion, ascend, thugs, bubble, swirl, and finally metal. The entire image is loosely styled like an old newspaper or broadsheet.


 The rules are simple:

  1. Make a drawing in ink (or any medium you wish)
  2. Post it on social media (or on your fridge)
  3. Hashtag with #CosmereInktober2022 (you can also use #CosmereInktober and #CosmereInktober22)
  4. Repeat for 31 days! (or more?!)

These prompts and rules are not set in stone, feel free to create whatever you wish! Take as long or as short as you want for your creation. In past years, we have seen ink drawings, paintings, digital art, calligraphy, and poetry; the possibilities are endless. Just have fun and join the Cosmere community in creating wonderful fanworks for our favorite books!

Please also note, this year’s prompt list was designed to look like a broadsheet to celebrate The Last Metal coming out, but don’t feel compelled to only do Mistborn fanart. It is open to fanart of any of Brandon Sanderson’s works!


Happy Drawing!



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I found a typo :ph34r:


Instead of “The Lost Metal” it says “The Last Metal”


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