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Weekly Roundup for October 18th, 2021: Brandon's Mini-Con Schedule Out! Also, Sign-Up Window for Brandon's BYU Class Soon


Chiller week this time, in comparison to the past few. Brandon's released his schedule for Dragonsteel Mini-Con, as well as details about how to sign up for his class. He also gave us a tease about "movie stuff" he can't give any details on yet.

Before we get to that, progress has been made on Defiant prewriting, of course, but we didn't get any progress bar percentage this time.

Onto more exciting news, Brandon has released his schedule for the Dragonsteel Mini-Con:

  • Monday, Nov. 22nd:
    • 4:00 MDT — Intentionally Blank recording
    • 7:00 MDT — Spoiler Discussion and Q&A
    • 8:30 MDT — MTG Charity Draft
  • Tuesday, Nov. 23rd:
    • 7:00 MDT — Cytonic Release Event

The schedule for other booths and partners is TBA.

Additionally, signups for Brandon's workshop class at BYU will be open from 10-11PM MDT on October 23rd. While the lecture class is open for normal enrollment (and often gets posted on YouTube—2020's series can be found in this playlist), the workshop class will be fifteen students, picked from the applications by Brandon's friend and continuity editor Karen.

One does NOT have to be a BYU student to apply, though if you get in but don't attend the university, you'll have to sign up for evening classes there while you're in the class. A bit of extra weight is given to applicants who have finished novels before, as well as those who have already taken the lecture course. Specific instructions to apply can be found on his website, as can a sample syllabus for the course.

We also got an exciting tidbit, that Brandon is working on some sort of movie stuff that he can't announce yet or give details about, which is slowing Defiant prewriting. He's hinted about this a few times in livestreams, but we still don't know what it's all about.

He also released a review of the film Free Guy (the second video in his new Rapid Review series), and of course last week's episode of his podcast Intentionally Blank is up on his channel.

As a reminder, ReDawn, the second Skyward Flight novella, releases in eBook and audio next week, on the 26th! Preorder links can be found on Penguin Random House's site, and a preview can be found on Kobo's page.

Lastly, the preorder giveaways for Cytonic from last week's update are still running, for those in the US.

As always, the update can be found on Brandon's YouTube channel, with a transcript eventually going on his blog:


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