The Original Maybe Coming August, SDCC Virtual Panel With Reading and Q&A

We haven't heard about The Original, an audio original story, since about State of the Sanderson. It involves clones and stuff, and was written with Mary Robinette Kowal. In State of the Sanderson, Brandon said it was "coming soon" but nothing has happened since. But recently, Brandon took to Reddit and commented on the status of the story. He said it would possibly come August instead.

His full comments:

"The publisher decided they wanted it to come out later this year, rather than earlier. I'm still a little baffled as to why. I think they're looking at august right now?

Audio original, though it's not published by Audible. (I think it should be still available there; I just did it with a different company, one I've worked with before. For the record, the only ones Audible has published directly are the Reckoners and Skyward.)

This one isn't full cast, but does have some audio mixing and the like, with a little original music."

Definitely good to hear about the status of that story!

Also in the news: though San Diego Comic-Con is canceled in-person this year, Brandon will be doing a virtual panel there. He'll be reading from Rhythm of War, and Brandon will be answering some questions, including spoilery questions. So if you have a question to ask Brandon, you can post them in the Reddit thread and they may be chosen!

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44 minutes ago, Oversleep said:

When is SDCC online happening?

Seems like late July, maybe around the 23rd. I'm not entirely sure.


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