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It's The Rithmatist's Release Day!


It's May 14th (very early in the morning, but still), and you know what that means: it's Rithmatist day.

But Eric, that isn't a cosmere book, so I'm totally not interested in it.

Thank you, random viewer! Indeed, The Rithmatist is not a cosmere novel. If you're ever confused which books are cosmere and which aren't, just look if it contains Earth in it (for example, Alcatraz is not in the cosmere). The Rithmatist is set on Earth, but as you might expect, it's a little... different. And it's awesome.

It isn't the United States, but the United Isles. It's steampunk. It has chalk monsters. It's fascinating alternate history. What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common? That they are expertly weaved together in this book. I won't spoil anything, but it's all the wondrous worldbuilding you expect from Brandon, with a phenomenal ending like you'd expect. Every Sharder should read this book, no question.

You can read in this interview with The Book Smugglers some interesting historical elements, and why Brandon chose to write this book). Tor has a great article on Rithmatics here, comparing it to StarCraft. Yes, the magic is actually that cool.

Not sold yet? You can read from the prologue to chapter 5 of the book on Tor.com.

Okay okay I'll buy the freaking book already, you don't need to be a shill.

Hey, it's okay being a shill if we're being a shill for someone else. Namely, Brandon. (But also, we just really, really like this book and don't want you to forget about it) As far as I can tell, you can buy the ebooks right now, at this very second. Here are a bunch of places where you can get the physical book and the ebook, for whatever platform you happen to choose:

Read the book already?

Discuss it at our Rithmatist forum, and our spoilery thread of impressions.

Additionally, you can use our handy Community Calendar to see when and where the events in The Rithmatist tour is. The events will appear in the sidebar on the forum's index page, too! And if you're going to a signing, why not post in the "Which signing will you be at" thread and meet up with some other awesome Sharders?


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No signings in my area, sadly. :( But I'll be getting the book first thing! :D

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The intro paragraph to a Rithmatist review (found here: http://www.fantasyliterature.com/reviews/the-rithmatist/)

I’m beginning to wonder if Brandon Sanderson is cloning himself. Really, it’s just making the rest of us look bad, all the work he’s managing to put out there. I find myself hoping he’s a really bad father or something, until I realize that’s sort of taking it out on his children. So maybe I’ll go with his lawn is a scraggly weed-filled mess and he dresses poorly. Anyway, another month, another Sanderson book . . .

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Does anyone know when/if there'll be international versions of the ebook? Only available in the US for now :(

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