Brandon Sanderson Store Summer Sale

So it looks like Brandon's store is getting a summer sale! Here there are a variety of hardcovers going on deep discounts, as well as other merchandise too! (Note, this does not apply to the new Brandon shirts on Amazon that we reported on before.) Note that ALL of these hardcovers are signed, too, and you can get them personalized, too, if you want to wait longer.

Hardcovers of the Perfect State/Shadows of Silence combo are halved to a price of $10. The Alloy of Law hardcover goes from $25 to a ludicrous $10, The Legion hardcover goes down to $8, and Legion: Skin Deep goes down to $12. That's pretty crazy! Also on sale are Gathering Storm hardcovers and Towers of Midnight hardcovers, both down to $10 (from $30). The Elantris map set is half off at $10, and there is a Reckoners T-Shirt going from $25 to $15. 

Lastly, it seems some other apparel is on sale from $25 to $20, but it isn't listed on the summer sale page, so that might just be a usual occurrance. 

If you haven't gotten some of these hardcovers--especially if you want them signed--these are ridiculous deals and you should get on them!

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