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Merry Christmas 🌠💙
This is the last Kaladin and Syl doodle for this year! Thanks to everyone who was with me all this time, who supports & love my little artworks. Since the long-awaited release of the fifth book, “Wind and Truth,” will take place next year, I have a lot of plans and ideas that I hope to realize. So see you soon! And on this festive evening I wish you to spend it with your loved ones, take care of yourself~!! And I wish Kaladin to find peace and be able to hug Syl like this 😊 (a reference photo was used for the drawing, Syl is sitting in Kaladin’s lap and they are hugging each other cutely) 🌿

From the album:

Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

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13 hours ago, XaliaStormblessed said:

Beautiful. I wish for this to happen also 💙 

Since SA5 chapter previews screaming for me that Kaladin wants to hug Syl, I couldn’t help but draw something for hehe~. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it!! Hoping for them to embrace each other in SA5 💙

6 hours ago, Silver Phantom said:

Amazing work as always. Thank you for sharing these with all of us

Merry Christmas 

Thank YOU!! Merry Christmas 🌲

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23 hours ago, alder24 said:

That looks fantastic. I wanted Syl and Kal to hug entire time while I was reading RoW. I hope we see this happening in SA5. Lovely art!

I really enjoyed their relationship and bonding in RoW, can't wait to see their journey in SA5!! Thank you very much, your comment warmed my heart! Let's root together for some hugs in SA5 😋

17 hours ago, Lighteyed Lieutenant said:

I continue to be amazed at your art. Merry Christmas and I look forward to another year of beautiful pieces.

Thank you very much, I am very pleased!

17 hours ago, TheWanderer said:

Another incredible bit of art, so nice to see Kaladin happy for a change. Happy holidays everyone.

Happy holidays & thank you! 

4 hours ago, Chaos said:

So cute, as always!!


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