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Parshendi Army


As I promised, here is a small part of the Parshendi warriors, from my point of view. There will be another version of this image soon, with another leading character.  

From the album:

The Knight Radiant

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This is wonderful, I'm in love all over again! And there was I thinking that we would have to wait months before we got your next piece.

Allow me to echo @CaptainRyan's comment on your Shallan piece: if you ever decide to start selling prints of these, please let me know, I would also gladly pay you money for them. In any event, please keep making more art, I'm eager to see more, and you've truly cemented yourself as my favourite Cosmere related artist now.

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Thank you Black I tried to be faster this time. I had the idea in my head and wanted to do it before the holidays. I`m glad I managed to make it, but the best thing is that you like it. I said before that after the good reception of Shallan I was a bit afraid of the reactions for the next image I make. I`m feeling a lot better now :)


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1 hour ago, bdoble97 said:

YES!!!! This is amazing puts the 3 drawings I have done  to shame.love this 

Thank you! I`m glad you like my drawing. Just on thing, art is not something to be ashamed of, it just has early and late stages of development :) I love all the art in the forum, everyone has such a distinct style of work. You can never get bored :) So instead of shaming you, I prefer to inspire you, so you can create more art for us all! 

1 hour ago, Ookla the StrooklaEZ said:

Holy. Storms. This is awesome.

If you ever have the time, please record your process for a speedpaint, I would love to see how you work!

This is amazing @dnavenom ! Great work, and please keep them coming!

Thank you guys! I`m not a fast painter actually, but I can make a gif of the process, if this will help :) There is another version of the Image and since I can`t decide which is better I`ll post them both, maybe next week I`ll be ready with it, at least I hope so! 

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WOW! Absolutely stunning. I gushed about your Shallan piece (one of my favorite cosmere pieces ever) and was hoping you'd post something else soon. And you did, and totally blew me away. This is incredible. Best take on the listeners that I've seen.

I love how much individuality each of the warriors has, and the power in their poses. The lighting gives the scene a sense of dread/awe/expectation that I love. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I can't wait to see the next version.

P.S. I hesitate to make any suggestions, since you've demonstrated that your artistic sensibilities far outstrip my own, but I would love to see your take on a sleepless.

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Many thanks, this is exactly what I`ve tried to make the viewer feel! So I guess...Success! :) 

About my next drawing. I have this image in my head of the moment when Adolin drives the knife in Sadeas`s eye. For me, it was one of the most bad chull scenes ever. I always wanted to make it, with all the whispering in the face, sweat and intent to end this once and for all. We`ll see I might change my mind in the end, but still this scene stayed in my mind shining bright with sweet vengeance :) Not sure if I can execute it right thou. We`ll see. 

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FYI, I think the one thing that really makes this whole image work so well for me is the pose of the femalen listener on the left, with her chin raised. That attitude breaks up what could otherwise be a homogeneous group, draws the eye, and invites me to look more closely at the others. Without that little touch I probably would have thought "cool, that's pretty" instead of "Wow, this is INCREDIBLE." So well done!

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Thank you, she`s my wife`s favorite Parshendi. She wanted to put her closer to the viewer, but the composition wasn`t that great. In any case I really tried to give each of them a uniques face, haircut :) and personality to some extend.

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